Winning Odds

Brothers Michael and John Gruszka –who graduated with bachelor’s degrees in accounting and finance at UWM’s winter commencement – would blow the minds of the odds makers in Las Vegas.

First, they’re identical twins.  This occurs in about 1 out of 300 births.  They’re also one of two sets of twins in their family (their younger siblings are fraternal twins).  The birth of identical twins followed by fraternal twins in the same family occurs in approximately 1 out of 3,000 births.

Twenty-some years later, their most recent statistical achievement is that they both graduated from college with the exact same grade point average.  And, at 3.982, it was also the highest GPA of all of UWM’s graduating business seniors this winter.

As students, they also bore other non-statistical similarities.  Both young men were accepted to an elite leadership program in Texas sponsored by Wipfli, and both received Leer/Tellier scholarships.

That said, not everything about them is similar.  John’s favorite course, for example, was Professor Paul Fischer’s Intermediate Accounting class.  Michael’s was Professor Les Kren’s Cost Accounting class.

Since graduating, they’ve both embarked on their careers through internships in public accounting firms.  John is currently an accounting intern at Scribner, Cohen & Co., and Michael is an audit intern with Grant Thornton.

Odds are, they’ve got great futures ahead of them.