SAP Faculty from Around the World Visit Lubar School

The SAP University Competence Center at the Lubar School of Business hosted SAP faculty from around the globe for two major events this July. The first annual SAP Next-Gen Chapter Conference welcomed 130 attendees, followed by the SAP Faculty Bootcamp attended by 230 faculty. Conference speakers included Ron Gilson, President & CEO of Johnsonville, LLC. The faculty bootcamp sessions were led by expert faculty from the Lubar School and other institutions, introducing attendees to SAP functionality, as well as best practices for successful classroom use.

The Lubar School’s SAP University Competence Center is one of only six in the world and two in North America, hosting over 185 universities, operating over 50 production SAP systems, and utilizing its own private cloud environment to deliver SAP to over 100,000 students a year.