The Lubar School of Business Research Seminar Series is a lively forum for discussion of scholarly topics by faculty and doctoral students. Lubar faculty, PhD candidates, and invited guests present their current research for feedback and engaging dialogue. Members of the campus community and other interested visitors are welcome to attend.

Friday, February 23, 2018
12:00-1:30pm, Lubar Hall, N440
Discounting the Future –Short-termism as a Long-term Strategy?
Daniel Albert, Lubar School

Friday, March 2, 2018
12:00-1:30pm, Lubar Hall, N440
Taking a Beating on the Stock Market: Crime and Stock Returns
John Huck, Lubar School

 Fall 2017 seminars included:

Taking a Beating on the Stock Market: Crime and Stock Returns
John Huck, Lubar School

Social Network Analytics: Adoption, Persuasion, and Link Recommendation
Xiao Fang, University of Delaware

Quantile Regression in Practice—with Applications for Heterogeneous, Survival, Count, and Autoregressive Data
Yonggang Yao, SAS

Recreational Marijuana Legalization and Changes in Parental Time Use Patterns
Rahi Abouk, William Paterson University

Unexpected Disclosure Tone Volatility and Investor Risk Assessment
Logan Steel, UW Madison

Maximum Entropy Demand Models With Newsvendor Information Constraints
Mahsa Mardikoraem, Lubar School PhD Student
Amirsaman Bajgiran, Engineering PhD Student

Cash or Credit? The Influence of Form of Payment on the Perception of Other Consumers
Maura Scott, Florida State University

Where You Live Matters: The Impact of Local Financial Market Competition in Managing Online Peer-To-Peer Loans
Mohammad Rahman, Purdue University

Information Cascades and Investment Efficiency in Peer-to-Peer Markets
Changmo Kang, Australian School

Performative Scholarship: Turning a Mortgage into a Toaster and an Academic Paper into a Government Bureau
Jean Bartunek, Boston College


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