The Center for Technology Innovation sponsors a series of day-long workshops on cutting-edge technology issues with nationally-known speakers. Open to the public, the $165 registration fee includes handouts, breaks, lunch, and parking in the UWM Union parking structure. Discounted rate is available for UWM MIS/ITM alumni for $145.

Online – WebAssembly
Friday, April 24, 2020
8:30am – 4:30pm

Workshop presenter, Brian Sletten, is a liberal arts-educated software engineer with a focus on forward-leaning technologies. His experience has spanned many industries including retail, banking, online games, defense, finance, hospitality, and health care. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from the College of William and Mary and lives in Auburn, CA. He focuses on web architecture, resource-oriented computing, social networking, the Semantic Web, data science, 3D graphics, visualization, scalable systems, security consulting and other technologies of the late 20th and early 21st Centuries. He is also a rabid reader, devoted foodie and has excellent taste in music. If pressed, he might tell you about his International Pop Recording career.


What happens if Web applications become super-fast? What if the ability to write code once but run it on lots of different platforms was true again? What if Desktops are no longer interesting because you can do everything in a browser? What if JavaScript wasn’t your only language choice?

These are all starting to happen now that this W3C Standard is supported widely across all major browser vendors, Node and more. It’s never been a better time to dig into the future that is playing out now faster than most people realize.

WebAssembly is emerging as an exciting vision for web applications that run at native speeds by using a size and load-time efficient, compiled binary format. Anything from computationally intensive business applications to fully rendered 3D video games will benefit from the mix of speed with other Web-oriented technologies. We’ll let you know what is coming and how you’ll benefit from it.

Who should attend:

Developers, architects, technical leads, technical managers and technical leadership are all encouraged to attend. While we will be discussing languages like C/C++ and Rust, we will not assume any familiarity with them. It’s more important for people to see what is possible because this technology is likely to impact all aspects of our industry including Web development, embedded systems, system engineering, microservices, machine learning, edge computing, cloud computing and more.

The topics you will learn are:

  • The History of WebAssembly
  • The JavaScript API
  • The Stack Machine
  • Shared Memory
  • Dynamic Libraries
  • The Text Format
  • Building Web Applications using C, C++, Go, Rust, Kotlin and more
  • Converting existing code and libraries into WebAssembly
  • Running WebAssembly in the browser
  • Running WebAssembly out of the browser
  • WebAssembly Services Interface (WASI)

This is a hands-on workshop of a truly mind-blowing next step evolution of the Web. Don’t get left behind.


Recent workshops have included:

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  • Refactoring to Modern JavaScript
  • Kubernetes Cloud Native Training
  • Enterprise Blockchain
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  • Software Architecture Fundamentals
  • Build Once, Run Anywhere – with Docker and Dockerfiles
  • Hands-On Machine Learning
  • Blockchain
  • Azure IoT Suite
  • Applications on Kubernetes
  • Building Native Mobile Apps with Angular and Typescript
  • Microservices Architecture and Design
  • Building Evolutionary Architectures

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The Center also sponsors panel discussions with IT leaders who present their thoughts on topics of interest to the local IT community. Audience participation follows the presentation.

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