The Center for Technology Innovation sponsors a series of day-long workshops on cutting-edge technology issues with nationally-known speakers. Workshops are offered online and are open to the public, the $125 registration fee includes handouts. Discounted rate is available for UWM MIS/ITM alumni for $105.

Online – Konduits to Kubernete
Friday, November 6, 2020
8:30am – 4:15pm

Workshop presenter, Jonathan Johnson, is an independent software architect with a concentration on helping others unpack the riches in cloud native ecosystems. He enjoys helping individuals and teams to develop and deliver quality commercial applications. He sees Kubernetes as an empowering tool to deliver complex architectures such as distributed microservices.

Building containers and designing microservices to work and coordinate together across a network is complex. Given limitations on resources, failing networks, defective software and fluctuating traffic you need an orchestrator to handle these variants. Kubernetes is essentially a distributed operating system that handles these complexities, so you do not have to. It has become the de facto architecture to deploy and manage cloud native applications.

In this workshop, we will look at your challenges as developers and architects. Jonathan understands the gaps between being a successful developer and distributing your applications to these complex cloud native datacenters. Let’s face it, monoliths are easier than distributed compute platforms. We know that to grow you must leverage more resources and distribute your data and compute across more hardware.

With hands-on exercises, we will move applications into a container, into a Pod, tie your applications to other services, explore deployment model techniques, and finally apply observability techniques.

All this to ensure your applications scale up and down while remaining healthy. Throughout the day, Jonathan will help demystify the many Kubernetes features that help you grow your applications and career.

Who should attend:
Distributed application architectures are hard. Anyone considering (or currently engaging) in the planning or implementation of distributed, modular Containers and Microservices should attend this course. This course gives you insights for continuously delivering applications to a cloud, virtual, or on-premises data center.

The topics you will learn are:

  • What this “operating system” gives to you as a developer.
  • Kubernetes engine – control plane components and how they work.
  • Controlling Kubernetes through its API
  • Kubernetes objects and their manifests (YAML files).
  • Helm charts for architects.
  • Best practices for running apps in Pods.
  • Resilience with declarative states, reconciliation loop, and antifragility.
  • Load balancing and scaling applications.
  • Operator pattern to extend Kubernetes.
  • How Knative makes serverless easier.
  • How meshing helps security, communication, observability and deployment models.

This is a hands-on workshop of a truly mind-blowing next step evolution of the Web. Don’t get left behind.


Recent workshops have included:

  • Gleaning Insights from Operational Time Series Data
  • WebAssembly
  • Architecting Cloud Native Applications
  • Refactoring to Modern JavaScript
  • Kubernetes Cloud Native Training
  • Enterprise Blockchain
  • Cognitive Services & Deep Learning
  • Software Architecture Fundamentals
  • Build Once, Run Anywhere – with Docker and Dockerfiles
  • Hands-On Machine Learning
  • Blockchain

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The Center also sponsors panel discussions with IT leaders who present their thoughts on topics of interest to the local IT community. Audience participation follows the presentation.

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