The Center for Technology Innovation sponsors a series of day-long workshops on cutting-edge technology issues with nationally-known speakers. Workshops are offered online and are open to the public: full-day workshop, the $125 registration fee includes handouts and discounted rate is available for UWM MIS/ITM alumni for $105; half-day workshop, the $65 registration fee includes handouts and discounted rate is available for UWM MIS/ITM alumni for $55.

Domain-Driven Design (DDD)
Friday, March 19, 2021
8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Workshop presenter, Raju Gandhi, is a software craftsman with almost 20 years of hands-on experience scoping, architecting, designing, implementing full stack applications. He provides a 360° view of the development cycle, is proficient in a variety of programming languages and paradigms, experienced with software development methodologies, as well an expert in infrastructure and tooling.

In this highly interactive workshop we will study and understand many of the concepts of Domain-Driven Design (DDD)  – how bounded contexts use Ubiquitous language to model the Domain, how context maps can be used to establish the interconnections between services as well aggregates and domains events, all of which will service us well as we go about creating our microservices. We will also discuss the “tactical” patterns of DDD.  We will see how we can “embed” the ubiquitous language in code, and the architectural influences of DDD. We will talk about DDD patterns like Value Objects, Entities, Aggregates, Application and Domain services.

This workshop will have you thinking about how to think in DDD using DDD concepts and ideas. Using polls, and mini-exercises, we attempt to better cement the ideas of DDD so we can start applying them at work.

Who should attend:
Distributed application architectures are hard. Anyone considering (or currently engaging) in the planning or implementation of distributed, modular Containers and Microservices should attend this course. This course gives you insights for continuously delivering applications to a cloud, virtual, or on-premises data center.

The topics you will learn are:

  • Why are we here? The state of microservices.
  • The impetus for design principles like DDD.
  • DDD – The prerequisites.
  • What is the “domain”? What constitutes sub-domains?
  • DDD – The strategic Parts
    • DDD – First steps.
    • The strategic patterns of DDD  – Ubiquitous language, Bounded contexts and Context mapping.


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The Center also sponsors panel discussions with IT leaders who present their thoughts on topics of interest to the local IT community. Audience participation follows the presentation.

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