The Center for Technology Innovation sponsors a series of day-long workshops on cutting-edge technology issues with nationally-known speakers. Open to the public, the $165 registration fee includes handouts, breaks, lunch, and parking in the UWM Union parking structure. Discounted rate is available for UWM MIS/ITM alumni for $145.

Friday, September 15, 2017
8:30am – 4:30pm, Lubar Hall N440

Workshop presenter, Sang Shin, is the founder and chief instructor at (used to be called, a popular online learning site for Java, Spring framework, Design patterns, Groovy and Grails, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Web Services, MySQL, Android, and Hadoop developers. Before founding, he was the lead Java technology architect and evangelist at Sun Microsystems. He frequently gives talks on these technologies in various conferences such as JavaOne, Devoxx, and various developer gatherings. He also teaches instructor-led classes to worldwide developer audience on various Java and JavaScript technologies.

In this hands-on programming codecamp, we are going start with brief instruction on Angular.  Then we are going to learn TypeScript language.  Then we will dive into some of the basic Angular features, which include “Component”, “Data binding”, “Directives”, “Pipes”, “Services” and “RESTful programming”. Each of these features will be explained and demonstrated with code.  Attendees are then expected to do lab using his/her own laptop.  Given the time constraint, we will not be able to cover some advanced topics such as “forms”, “routing”, “security”, “unit testing”, “end to end testing”, “custom directives”, “modules”, etc.

The topics you will learn:

  • Angular 2 Introduction
    What is and Why Angular 2 (or 4)?; Angular CLI
  • TypeScript
    JavaScript language variants; ES6; TypeScipt language features
  • Angular 2 Component
    Building blocks of Angular 2 application; Component; Template; Metadata; Component tree; View encapsulation; <ng-content>; Angular 2 app bootstrapping
  • Data-binding
    What is databinding?; Interpolation; Property binding; Local template references; Event binding; Two-way databinding
  • Built-in Directives
    What is a directive?; Attribute directives: ngClass, ngStyle; Structural directives: *ngFor, *ngIf, ngSwitch with *ngSwitchCase
  • Pipes
    What is a Pipe?; Built-in Pipes; Custom Pipes; Pipes and change detection; Pure and Impure pipes; Quick tutorial on Promise and Observable; Async pipe
  • Services
    Angular 2 Services; Dependency injection;@Injectable; EventEmitter; Using a pipe within service code
  • RESTful programming
    Setting up REST server; Asynch. response handling in Angular 2; Angular 2 Http service; Observable operators; Getting an item (HTTP GET); Posting an item (HTTP POST); Deleting an item (HTTP DELETE); Getting list of items (HTTP GET); Error handling on Observable


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The Center also sponsors panel discussions with IT leaders who present their thoughts on topics of interest to the local IT community. Audience participation follows the presentation.

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