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On-Boarding New Supply Chain Talent

Tremendous effort is spent identifying, attracting, and hiring the right people. The next step is to provide a great onboarding experience for your new hires. Successful onboarding leads to higher employee retention, engagement, and productivity. Panelists from Direct Supply, Molson Coors, and UWM will discuss best practices for on-boarding new supply chain talent into 1) their role, 2) the department, and 3) the organization. The panel will also discuss best practices for onboarding both on-site and remote employees. To access the recorded content, please contact Mark Kosfeld.

Sustainable Supply Chain Improvements

Today’s supply chains need these fundamental capabilities: 1) Visibility, 2) Agility, and 3) Adaptability. Supply chain leaders need to be able to SEE what is happening in their supply lines, REACT QUICKLY to those perceived events, and be willing to CHANGE AND EVOLVE to meet these rapidly-changing conditions.

SCMI Director Jeff Turmel and Assistant Director Mark Kosfeld recently addressed how these three capabilities build on one another and presented case studies from companies that have improved their visibility, agility and adaptability. Each capability included an assessment tool that can be used to evaluate your company’s visibility, agility and adaptability. View the PowerPoint!

Hot Topic: Is the Future of Supply Chain Integrations Imminent?

Supply chain literature and discussion about the future suggests even greater company considerations for expanded supply chain impacts through partnerships and “integrations”. Certainly, partnering with third-party partners with other, complementary expertise can reduce company costs while also improving customer service. For some time now, many companies have partnered with Third-Party Logistics providers (3PL’s and 4PL’s) to improve their Transportation & Logistics performance and costs, and to provide even greater customer service and value.

Now, some companies are broadening their considerations to integrations and partners across other supply chain areas.  Our discussion will investigate which supply chain areas might be ripe for these kinds of expanded partnership integrations.  We welcome your insights, experiences, and opinions on this important supply chain future trend.

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Hot Topic: Should There Be a Standard Supply Chain Certification?

SCMI was pleased to hear from 4 panelists from APICS, CSCMP and ISM about the certifications available to supply chain professionals. Joe Carr represented APICS, Alison Hiller and Scott Ramey represented CSCMP, and Nora Neibergall represented ISM. The presentations were packed with useful information on the certifications each organization offers. Slide deck available for download.

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