Detailed analysis of real-world challenges are an integral part of the study and teaching of supply chain management. Working with our partners in industry, Institute faculty and students in the Supply Chain and Operations Management major conduct studies and projects on a wide variety of issues within the supply chain spectrum.

SCMI Whitepaper Series

supply chain growth graphThe Growth of Supply Chain Over the Last Ten Years article written by Mr. Mark Kosfeld and Dr. Anthony Ross appears in the March-April 2017 issue of SupplyChainBrain.  The article examines the number of times the phrase “supply chain” appears in the S&P 500 company annual reports from 2005 through 2015.  As the S&P 500 companies release their 2016 annual reports, SCMI analyzes the “supply chain” mentions in this updated report.

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SCMI “Research In Brief” Papers

SCMI publishes two-page Research-In-Brief updates on trends in supply chain for its member companies.  Past briefs are made available to the public as .pdf downloads through the links below:

Student Projects

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(2017) Space Planning Meeting – A Lubar student is creating a model that will help a member company determine its warehouse space needs for the next five years.

(2016) Evaluation of Service Providers – A Lubar student helped a company create an objective method for evaluating service suppliers and providing performance feedback.

(2016) Sustainability Measures for Service Providers – A Lubar student helped a company identify best practices for incorporating measures of sustainability into suppliers’ performance.

(2015) Network Optimization – A Lubar student  determined the optimal location and quantity of North American warehouses for a company’s branded products.

(2015) Logistics Strategic Planning Tool – A Lubar student created an Excel model for a company’s Logistics department that forecasts tractors, trailers, drivers, forklifts and warehouse staff needs for the next 5 years.

(2015) Identifying the Demographics that Drive Sales and Donations – A Lubar student identified the best predictors of a store’s sales and donation level for the purpose of locating new stores.

(2015) Warehouse Inventory Model –  A Lubar student created an Excel model that identifies, for a given product, the appropriate amount of inventory to hold on site and at the warehouse.

(2015) Improve Warehouse Slotting – A Lubar student identified products at the warehouse that should be reslotted to reduce picking time and cost.

(2014) Life Transition Decision Research – Lubar students researched the key drivers for senior citizens that transition to Senior Living and Care communities.

(2014) Demand Planning Model – Lubar students created an Excel based tool to track, analyze and forecast both donations  and sales for each company store.

(2014) Value Stream Mapping Stock vs. Non-Stock Products – A Lubar student created a value stream map and Excel based model that determines which products should be stocked at the warehouse.

(2014) Best Practices for Internal Orders – A Lubar student identified the best practices for a company to manage and process its internal orders.

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Faculty Research Briefs

Steven TrickBusiness headlines are filled with concerns about the shortage of truck drivers in the United States. One solution that has been offered to combat this problem is to increase the hiring rate of foreign-born truck drivers. Transportation policy researchers Dr. James Peoples and Dr. Steve Trick investigated the impacts of hiring foreign-born truck drivers on the current U.S. driver base.

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