Institute Leadership

Mark KosfeldMark Kosfeld
Associate Director, Supply Chain Management Institute
Lecturer, Supply Chain Management

As Associate Director of the Supply Chain Management Institute, Mark Kosfeld is responsible for running the SCMI day to day operations. Students are able to gain valuable experience by working for the Supply Chain Management Institute on the real-world problems of the member companies. Mark leads and guides these students to complete the projects successfully. In addition to his responsibilities with the SCMI, Mark also teaches two large sections of the Introduction to Supply Chain course within the Lubar School.

SCMI Faculty Affiliates

The Institute draws upon the expertise of faculty from the Lubar School of Business as well as other academic areas for a powerful combination of diverse expertise in supply chain research and education.

From the Lubar School:

profile photoSanjoy Ghose(414) 229-4224sanjoy@uwm.eduLubar Hall N379

Director, PhD Program

Professor, Marketing

Norine Carlson-Weber Faculty Scholar

profile photoMark Kosfeld(414) 229-2673kosfeld@uwm.eduLubar Hall S490B

Lecturer, Supply Chain Management

Associate Director, Supply Chain Management Institute

profile photoAtish P. Sinha(414) 229-3301sinha@uwm.eduLubar Hall N363

Professor, Information Technology Management

Director, Center for Technology Innovation

profile photoSteven M. Trick(414) 229-6189trick@uwm.eduLubar Hall S444

Lecturer, Finance

profile photoJeff Turmel(414) -251-9403jturmel@uwm.eduLubar Hall S469

Director, Business Engagement

Additional expertise:
Aaron Armstrong, Assistant Professor, MSOE
Donna Genzmer, Director, Cartography and Geographic Information Science Center, UW-Milwaukee
Mojtaba Heydar, Visiting Scholar in Supply Chain Management
Wilkistar Otieno, Assistant Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, UW-Milwaukee
Matthew Petering, Assistant Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, UW-Milwaukee
James H. Peoples, Professor, Economics, UW-Milwaukee
Richard Stockbridge, Professor, Mathematics, UW-Milwaukee
George A. Zsidisin, Professor, Supply Chain Management & Analytics, Virginia Commonwealth University

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