The M&I Center for Business Ethics supports an educational framework that engages Lubar students in serious thought about issues of ethics and ethical ideals that they can apply as business leaders and professionals.

Fostering enhancement of the business ethics curriculum, experiential student learning, and recognition of individuals who manage with integrity, the M&I Center is committed to the promotion of business ethics as critical to the success of the market-driven economy.

Business Ethics week

Business Ethics Case Competition

The Lubar School’s Business Ethics Case Competition offers Lubar School of Business students an interactive opportunity to challenge their moral reasoning, develop an understanding of the importance of business ethics, and compete for tuition support awards. Student teams collaboratively analyze a thought-provoking case and then present your recommendations to a panel of experienced business educators and professionals.

Business Ethics Webinar: From Shareholder Value Maximization to Serving All Stakeholders – Groundbreaking Development or an Illusory Promise?

Presented by:
Ed Freeman, Elis and Signe Olsson Professor of Business Administration, University of Virginia, Darden School of Business
Anant Sundaram, Clinical Professor of Business Administration, Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business
Edward Zajac, James F. Bere Professor of Management and Organizations, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management

Despite governance reforms in the last two decades, good corporate governance remains elusive. During that time, the number of U.S. corporations has declined despite a significant increase worldwide, and voices concerned with corporate myopia and short-termism have amplified. In response, the Business Roundtable issued a statement that the overarching purpose of the corporation is creating value for all stakeholders, a stark departure from the shareholder primacy they have endorsed since 1997. Read more…

Ethics and the Uberization of Work

Presented by:
Dr. Gerald (Jerry) Davis
Fellow, Stanford University
Professor of Sociology, University of Michigan

As the number of corporations decline, work expands in our increasing web-based economy. The job had replaced the career. Jobs were always temporary, but now the task may be replacing the job when people are hired moment to moment for doing tasks in this “Uberization” of work. The changes going on in the concept of work and career place new challenges for the ethical relationships of society, firm, and workers. What are those hired to do tasks to think of the duties and responsibilities they have to those who hire them in this Uberization of the workforce?

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Corporate Ethics Award Scholarship – $5,000

The M&I Center for Business Ethics is offering two $5,000 scholarships to be used towards tuition in the 2021-22 academic year.

Scholarship recipients will be selected each year by a committee comprised of members of the Lubar School of Business (LSB) faculty and local business leaders. The scholarships seek to reward outstanding LSB students who excel both in the classroom and beyond and do so despite financial and other constraints. These scholarships are an integral part of fulfilling the mission of the M&I Center to promote and uphold the principles and values of fundamental morality and business ethics among the LSB community.

Students must meet all of the following criteria:

• Full-time Business Undergraduate
• Junior or senior standing in 2021-2022
• Minimum of 3.5 GPA
• Demonstrated financial need – you must complete a FAFSA for 21-22  prior to applying
• Share a personal experience highlighting your commitment to ethical behavior and/or community involvement.

Great Journeys: An Inspirational Series

The Great Journeys series emphasizes the values of business integrity, ethics, and social responsibility. Featuring exceptional “role model” business and community leaders who share the guiding values, transforming influences, successes, and challenges in their lives, the series inspires the next generation to embark on their own “great journeys.”

The series, which emphasizes the values of business ethics, integrity, and social responsibility, is sponsored by the M&I Marshall & Ilsley Center for Business Ethics.

Scheduled programs will be featured on the Lubar School’s Upcoming Events page.

Past speakers have included:

Sheldon B. Lubar, Chairman and Founder, Lubar & Co., Inc.
Narayana Murthy, Co-Founder of Infosys (see recording below)
Stephen Marcus, Chairman, The Marcus Corporation
Stephen A. Roell, Chairman, President & CEO, Johnson Controls, Inc.
Timothy W. Sullivan,  President & CEO, Bucyrus International
Dennis J. Kuester, Retired Chairman, Marshall & Ilsley Corporation

Spring 2021 Great Journeys Series

Featuring N.R. Narayana Murthy,  Co-Founder of Infosys

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Under Murthy’s leadership, Infosys became a leader in innovation in technical, managerial and leadership training, software technology, quality, productivity, customer focus, employee satisfaction, and physical and technological infrastructure.

His leadership prowess has been widely recognized, including being ranked among Fortune magazine’s 12 Greatest Entrepreneurs of Our Time, among The Economist’s 10 Most Admired Global Business Leaders, among CNBC’s 25 Global Business Leaders, and among the Financial Times top 10 Business Pioneers in Technology. He is the first Indian winner of Ernst and Young’s World Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Now retired from Infosys, he currently serves on the boards of Ford Foundation, the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University, and the United Nations Foundation. He has served on the boards of HSBC and Unilever, both headquartered in London.

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