Investment Professionals:  The IMCP is the community’s investment program. The involvement and support of many dozens of professionals each year is a key asset of the IMCP.

Become involved! Please contact IMCP Director Dr. Kevin Spellman, CFA (608-334-2110).

Guest Speaking. Discuss what you do and other topics to illustrate real world applications of course concepts.

Client Meetings. Serve as a “client” for the students when they manage the funds.

Mentors. Mentor an individual student or a portfolio team.

Projects. Students conduct business valuation projects and other projects for privately owned firms. Let the students help you learn how much your firm is worth!

Employers. Students are well-trained, are smart, have great attitudes, and are hard workers. Hire an intern or a graduate of the program.

Investment Trips. Host us at your firm in Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, or London. It is a great treat for students to learn from you from across your desk (or your conference table).

Conferences. The IMCP hosts a high quality investment conference in Milwaukee with outstanding speakers who focus on major issues impacting the economy and markets. Be a speaker, a sponsor, and/or attend an event.