Detailed analysis of real-world challenges are an integral part of the study and teaching of supply chain management. Working with our partners in industry, Institute faculty and students in the Supply Chain and Operations Management major conduct studies and projects on a wide variety of issues within the supply chain spectrum.

Sustainable Supply Chain Improvements

Today’s supply chains need these fundamental capabilities: 1) Visibility, 2) Agility, and 3) Adaptability. Supply chain leaders need to be able to SEE what is happening in their supply lines, REACT QUICKLY to those perceived events, and be willing to CHANGE AND EVOLVE to meet these rapidly-changing conditions.

SCMI Director Jeff Turmel and Assistant Director Mark Kosfeld recently addressed how these three capabilities build on one another and presented case studies from companies that have improved their visibility, agility and adaptability. Each capability included an assessment tool that can be used to evaluate your company’s visibility, agility and adaptability. View the PowerPoint!

Growth in the Supply Chain Profession

SCMI has continued its research on the growth of the supply chain profession. Drawing on annual reports of S&P 500 companies, mentions of “supply chain” have grown nearly 30% in the past five years.

Read about the latest developments in this SupplyChainBrain Think Tank article.

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