Accepted (Marriage) Proposal

Fiances in Lubar
Newly engaged Chelsey Wagner and Robert Biersach sitting in the same seats in Lubar S250 where they got to know each other as MBA students.

It was Fall 2018 when Lubar MBA students Chelsey Wagner (’19 MBA) and Robert Biersach (’19 MBA) happened to enroll in the same supply chain management course and were paired as group members in Lubar Hall S250.

“Chelsey sat on the opposite side of the room for Class 1. Class 2 she moved a bit closer. Class 3 she sat right next to me,” recalls Robert.

“I was instantly interested in the cute boy in my group. So much so that I may have switched seats in the next class just to sit a little bit closer to him,” says Chelsey.

They bonded over the Brewers post-season and beers in the Gasthaus after class.

“From there blossomed a loving and wonderful relationship that never would have happened without UWM and Lubar,” she adds.

In the next semester, they each needed only two more courses for graduation. “We decided to take an analytics course together,” says Robert. “She needed it to graduate and I took it just to be in another class with her.”

Fast forward to Fall 2021, and the couple is still going strong. Both are pursuing their business careers. Robert as a Practice Management Analyst with BMO Wealth Management and Chelsey as a Sales & Revenue Forecasting Analyst with WEC Energy Group.

Robert plans to propose. Lubar S250 is available. The Brewers just happen to be in the post-season again.

He lures her to UWM to watch a game in the Gasthaus, but they take a “quick detour” to the room where they first became acquainted.

This time, however, there’s no instructor, no classmates. Just the two of them and flower petals strewn around the room.

She says, “Yes!”

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