Ehsan S. Soofi

UW-Milwaukee Distinguished Professor, Business Statistics

Business Advisory Council Faculty Scholar


PhD, Applied Statistics, University of California, Riverside
MA, Statistics, University of California, Berkeley
BA, Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Soofi is internationally recognized for his research in developing information measures for statistical analysis and showing their use in economic and business applications. Topics of his research include developing models based on partial information, measures of loss and gain of information, measuring levels uncertainty in decision-making situations, measures of importance of various factors in statistical models, and methods for emphasizing or de-emphasizing attributes to match competitors.

Professional Activities

Dr. Soofi has published in the premier journals of numerous fields, including statistics, econometrics, operations research, marketing, information systems, and engineering. He served as the Guest Editor of Econometric Reviews and currently is an Associate Editor of this journal. He served five terms (1990-2005) as an Associate Editor of the Journal of the American Statistical Association, which is the Association’s flagship journal, and as the Associate Editor for statistics and probability papers in ENTROPY, An International Journal of Entropy and Information Studies. For more than ten years (1992-2003), he chaired the Leonard J. Savage Thesis Award Committee, one of the most prestigious honors in the field for which doctoral theses from leading universities in the world compete each year. Dr. Soofi is the recipient of numerous research awards within the Lubar School of Business and has been honored as an Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute and as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association.

Recent publications include:

• Ardakani, O. M., Asadi, M., Ebrahimi, N., Soofi, E. S. (2020) “MR Plot: Big Data Tool for Distinguishing Distributions”, Statistical Analysis and Data Mining: The American Statistical Association Data Science Journal“, 13, 404-418.

• Asadi, M., Ebrahimi, N., Soofi, E. S. (2019) “The Alpha-mixture of Survival Functions”, Journal of Applied Probability, 56, 1151-1167.

• Asadi, M., Ebrahimi, N., Kharazmi, O., Soofi, E. S. (2019) “Mixture Models, Bayes Fisher Information, and Divergence Measures”, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 65, 2316-2321.

• Beheshti, N., Racine, J., Soofi, E. S. (2019) “Information Measures of Nonparametric Kernel Estimation”, Econometric Reviews, 38, 47-68.

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