Keeping Good Company

At the Lubar School of Business, we regularly infuse the expertise of seasoned managers and executives into classroom learning.  They share real-world insights and applications with Lubar students on a host of business topics. Here are some of those guest speakers in the Fall 2019 semester.  Thank you!

Rishi Bhandari ▪ Vice President of Marketing Analytics ▪ Kohl’s Corporation

Jordan Boehm ▪ Manager ▪ CliftonLarsonAllen

Eric Burns ▪ Supervisory Special Agent ▪ Federal Bureau of Investigation

Lowell T. Carl ▪ Certified Fraud Examiner ▪ Lowell T. Carl & Associates

Vivian Chen ▪ Director of Marketing – Food Service ▪ Kraft Heinz

Henrik Christensen ▪ Retired Vice President of Global Insights, Foresight and Analytics ▪ MillerCoors

Matt Cooper ▪ Assurance Manager ▪ BDO

Rod Copes ▪ President ▪ Royal Enfield North America

Mark Cribb ▪ Former Director of Technology ▪ Kalmbach Media

Larry Davanzo ▪ Retired President ▪ Wilshire Associates

Nick Davis ▪ Manager-Baseball Research & Quantitative Analysis ▪ Milwaukee Brewers

Willie Delwiche ▪ Managing Director and Investment Strategist ▪ Baird

April DeValkenaere ▪ White Collar Crime Paralegal ▪ Waukesha County District Attorney’s Office

Ian Elfe ▪ Senior Vice President and Senior Investment Analyst ▪ Baird Funds

Mike Falbo ▪ Former President ▪ UW System Board of Regents

Mark H. Falci ▪ The Falci Group ▪ Director – Private Wealth Management ▪ Baird

John Freimark ▪ Account Executive ▪ Microsoft

Leonard Goldstein ▪ Retired Chairman & CEO ▪ Miller Brewing

Kyle Gostomski ▪ Campus Recruiter ▪ Northwestern Mutual

Kurt Gunderson ▪ Associate Portfolio Manager ▪ Wells Fargo Asset Management

Ruth Kallio-Mielke ▪ Tax Director ▪ Deloitte

Jimin Karolewicz  ▪ Assistant Director of Enterprise Compliance ▪ Northwestern Mutual

Jason Krueger ▪ Portfolio Oversight ▪ Artisan Partners

Sarah Lemke ▪ Senior Assurance Manager ▪ Quandt Berndt & Company, LLC

Clay Liebherr ▪ Field Advocacy & Collaboration Senior Specialist ▪ Northwestern Mutual

Linda Marcus ▪ Creative Director ▪ St Kate’s Hotel

Matt Martin ▪ Corporate Director of Talent Acquisition ▪ Marcus Hotels and Resorts

William Martin ▪ Marketing Program Manager-Networked Components ▪ Rockwell Automation

Bill McGinnis ▪ Founder and CEO ▪ Exponential Careers

Jim Meier ▪ Former Vice President of Commercial Finance ▪ MillerCoors

Lauren Murray ▪ Director of Earned Media ▪ BVK

Bill Nasgovitz ▪ Chairman and Portfolio Manager ▪ Heartland Advisors

James Nelson ▪ Business Editor ▪ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Adam Nocun ▪ Financial Analyst ▪ Rexnord Power Transmission Group

Laurie O’Loughlin ▪ Human Resource ▪ Inpro Corporation

Ahmad Omari ▪ Global Product Manager ▪ Rockwell Automation

Gabi Quattrocchi ▪ Talent Acquisition Specialist ▪ Enterprise Rental Car

Doug Roedl ▪ Talent Acquisition Specialist ▪ Enterprise Rental Car

Fred Rutter ▪ Investigator ▪ North Central High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

Tim Schaefer ▪ Retired Senior Vice President and Chief Client Officer ▪ Northwestern Mutual

Margo Sherer ▪ Senior Sourcing Manager ▪ Direct Supply

Kelley Sibley ▪ Senior Marketing Manager ▪ Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

Mark Skousen ▪ Presidential Fellow ▪ Chapman University

Carver Smith ▪ Partner ▪ Baker Tilly Search and Staffing

Amy Vehrs ▪ Manager ▪ CliftonLarsonAllen

Nick Wilkie ▪ Investment Associate ▪ JP Morgan Private Bank

Diana Yakshimamedova ▪ Analyst ▪ JP Morgan Private Bank

Annette Zehelein ▪ Director of Trade Operations ▪ Artisan Partners

Michael Zeihen ▪ Investigator ▪ North Central High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

Mark Zellmer ▪ Chairman ▪ Northern Oak Wealth Management

Clare W. Zempel ▪ Principal ▪ Zempel Strategic ▪ Retired Chief Investment Strategist and Chief Economist ▪ Baird

Mark Zikeli ▪ Research Analyst ▪ Nicholas Company