An innovative approach to helping leaders learn the art of coaching.  Learn to master one on one coaching opportunities, team goal management, and employee development.

If your organization is facing challenges with collaboration in/across teams, low motivation, and high turnover, the Progress Coaching Leadership group is for you.  You will learn the tactics and strategies that will drive team accountability, and help teams work through conflict, build trust, and increase retention. In today’s low unemployment environment, coaching is no longer an option, but a requirement to help develop talent within your organization.

Most group coaching initiatives simply have the members meeting and discussing.  The Progress Coaching Leadership Group is differentiated by its structure, developing leaders through access to coaching experts, online situational-based learning materials, and the opportunity to practice new behaviors in a supportive group setting within the cohort.

Hear from Tim Hagen of Progress Coaching

The Progress Coaching Leadership Group includes;

  • Bi-monthly group coaching sessions (8-12 members)
  • Quarterly 1:1 coaching strategy sessions with a coaching expert to speak to goals, opportunities, and gain feedback
  • An assessment of your team for “coach-ability” and “approach-ability”
  • Quarterly engagement with your team for instruction on pertinent coaching topics
  • Unlimited access to “Coach the Coach” services through Progress Coaching online library of coaching support tools.
  • A cohort of peers with similar experience to learn and network with

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