The Connected Systems Challenge is a deep dive into understanding the key concepts and growth opportunities that connected systems can offer your organization. This program will help you understand how to use emerging technologies to your company’s advantage as the digital transformation to Industry 4.0 evolves.  

Learn from seasoned manufacturing professionals, practicing consultants, and expert faculty from UWM’s Lubar School of Business and College of Engineering & Applied Science to help you understand, plan, and implement today’s best digital transformation strategies — and the necessary leadership techniques for comprehensively managing change, both technical and talent. 

Ideally suited for Senior Managers and Directors

$3,100 program fee includes instruction, parking, meals, and access to all learning materials and the course management website.

Topics include:

  • Leadership in a Digital Age

  • Connected Systems and the Internet of Things

  • Connected Systems Linkages:
    Enterprise Resource Planning
    Manufacturing Execution Systems
    Supply Chain

  • Key Performance Indicators and ROI

  • Cybersecurity in Connected Systems

  • Leading the Transformation to Connected Systems

  • Creating a Business Plan to Execute Your Own Connected Systems Strategy

The Connected Systems Challenge is presented as part of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Connected Systems Institutea partnership with Rockwell Automation, Microsoft, UWM’s College of Engineering & Applied Science and Lubar School of Business, and many other leading organizations.  Access to the thought leaders on the digital transformation is what makes this program unique.

For More Information

Nathan Bares
Manager, Executive Programs
Lubar Hall N479
(414) 229-5881