Brothers Get Boost From Rath Scholarship

Brothers Luke and Matt Lensing grew up in the suburban setting of Muskego, each taking several AP classes in high school while participating in sports, band, and math club. When the time came to select a university, though, both brothers were attracted to the metropolitan environment of UWM. With accounting and finance majors, the two realized the Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business would give them an advantage in networking with businesses in the Milwaukee area.

With Luke, Matt, and their sister all close in age, the Lensing parents had been preparing to face hefty tuition and living expenses for three college-age children. To help cover these anticipated costs, they purchased two rental properties, which Luke and Matt helped renovate. “We put in tile, new showers, hung doors, etc.,” Luke recalls.

“When our parents received their first rental income from the refurbished homes, our dad said to us, ‘This is going for your college expenses,” Matt adds.

That was the family’s plan until one day, shortly before coming to UWM, Luke learned that he would receive the Rath Foundation Scholarship, a merit-based award that provides full tuition for outstanding incoming freshmen to the Lubar School.

“It was a really exciting day when I found out,” Luke says.

Even more exciting was the day, one year later, when Matt learned he would also receive the Rath Scholarship.

“After taking all those AP classes and graduating with honors, our hard work has paid off,” Luke states. “The two of us receiving scholarships has been a financial weight off our parents.”

During his freshman year at UWM, Luke got an internship with Artisan Partners, an investment firm in downtown Milwaukee. Since then, he’s continued to work at Artisan part-time throughout the school year and full-time during the summers. He is saving this income to pay for graduate school and prep materials for the CPA exam.

“I see the impact this scholarship has had on my life and the impact that not having scholarships has had on my friends, especially if they’re in fields with a lower starting salary,” Luke comments. “It’ll be hard for them to climb out of that debt.”

The Lensing brothers are grateful for the help the Rath Scholarship has provided them, and they say one day, they envision themselves helping others. “We’d like to offer a big thank you to our donors,” Matt says. “It’s made all the work worth it. The Rath Scholarship has taken the burden off our backs.”