Announcing New Faculty 2019-20

Dean Kaushal Chari is pleased to announce these new faculty appointments in the Lubar School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Tailan Chi
Richard C. Notebaert Distinguished Professor of International Business
and Global Studies
PhD, University of Washington

Dr. Chi’s is a leading researcher on firms’ organizational and strategic choices under the constraints of information imperfections and potential cognitive limitations in the international business context. He is a pioneer in integrating the concepts of the resource-based view into a property rights framework to understand alternative organizational forms for pooling complementary assets from different firms.

Katherine Du
Assistant Professor of Marketing
PhD, Duke University

Dr. Du’s conducts research in the areas of consumer self-expression and identity-signaling consumption. She is also interested in what causes consumers and consumption objects to feel and/or be perceived as authentic, and the consequences of that perception.

Ting Yao
Assistant Professor of Organizations
and Strategic Management
PhD, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Dr. Yao’s research focuses on entrepreneurship, corporate governance, and strategic management. In particular, her research examines how the board of directors helps venture capital-backed startups innovate, overcome resource constraints, and successfully exit. Dr. Yao also researches subgroup dynamics and gender diversity in public traded company boards.

Yao Li
Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance
PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Dr. Li conducts research in empirical asset pricing, particularly issues related to anomalies and methodology.



Pengcheng Zhu
Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance
PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Zhu’s research focuses on empirical issues in corporate finance, especially corporate governance.