Lubar Human Resources Management majors can now continue their studies toward an advanced STEM-designated degree in Information Technology Management (ITM). The Accelerated Master’s degree (AMD) combines technical, managerial, and business knowledge, providing you with a unique blend of skills to address IT challenges in today’s dynamic business environment.

Information Technology (IT) pervades every aspect of business these days – from the customer facing apps to the back end systems that support them. In an increasingly digital world, an MS in ITM provides you with the knowledge and understanding to leverage your skills in your undergraduate discipline so as to better integrate and utilize IT in modern business roles.

Undergraduate degree outline:

First Year – Fall First Year – Spring
BUS ADM 100 Introduction to Business BUS ADM 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
ECON 103 Principles of Microeconomics COMM 103 or 105 Communication Requirement
ENGLISH 101 Introduction to College Writing ECON 104 Principles of Macro Economics
HUMANITIES General Education Requirement  ENGLISH 102 College Writing and Research
MATH 208 Quantitative Models for Business NATURAL SCIENCE General Education Requirement
Second Year – Fall  Second Year – Spring
BUS ADM 202 Managerial Accounting BUS ADM 230 Intro. to IT Management
BUS ADM 210 Statistical Modeling in Business Analytics BUS ADM 350 Principles of Finance
ENGLISH 205 Business Writing BUS ADM 370 Intro. to Supply Chain Management
HUMANITIES General Education Requirement ARTS General Education Requirement
SOCIAL SCIENCE General Education Requirement NATURAL SCIENCE LAB General Education Requirement
Third Year – Fall Third Year – Spring
BUS ADM 300 Career & Professional Development BUS ADM 444 Human Resources Management
BUS ADM 330 Organizations HRM Major Core Course
BUS ADM 335 Visual System Development HRM Major Core Course
BUS ADM 360 Principles of Marketing HRM ELECTIVE HRM Major Elective
BUS ADM 391 Business Law GENERAL ELECTIVE General Elective
HRM ELECTIVE Major Elective IBC International Business Component
Fourth Year – Fall Fourth Year – Spring
BUS ADM 600 Management Analysis BUS ADM 748 Managing Information Technology Projects
BUS ADM 747 Service-Oriented Analysis & Design BUS ADM 749 Data & Information Management
BUS ADM 810 Development of Web-Based Solutions ITM ELECTIVE MS in Information Technology Management Elective
HRM CORE HRM Core Course ITM ELECTIVE MS in Information Technology Management Elective

Degree requirements, HRM electives, and course descriptions for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Fifth Year – Fall Fifth Year – Spring*
BUS ADM 744 Information Technology Strategy & Management ITM ELECTIVE MS in Information Technology Management Elective*
ITM ELECTIVE MS in Information Technology Management Elective ITM ELECTIVE MS in Information Technology Management Elective*

*Students may complete these credits in the previous Fall term as full time students.

Degree requirements, ITM electives, and course descriptions for the Master of Science in ITM can be found on the Graduate School website.