Updates to Lubar Undergraduate Academic Advising Services During COVID-19 Pandemic 

The Lubar Undergraduate Student Services Office in Lubar Hall N297 is currently closed. Due to this closure, advisors will not be offering in-person walk-in advising or in-person scheduled appointments for the foreseeable future.

All advisors still stand ready to assist you with questions, concerns, enrollment planning, and general inquiries during this time. The best way to reach your advisor is via email (see email information below). You can also schedule a phone appointment with your advisor through Navigate. Advisors are accepting phone appointments Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm.

Email Advising and course planning: In addition to phone appointments, your advisor can assist with questions and summer/fall 2020 course planning over email. If you are a current Lubar undergrad, you may submit an enrollment plan request form and your advisor will send you an updated scorecard with course recommendations within 3 business days. Please be sure to use the link associated with your assigned advisor. Advisor assignments are by a student’s last name and are listed below.

Liz Baumgarten (K, Q, R, W):  baumga77@uwm.edu,  Fall 2020 Enrollment Plan Request Form – Liz

Rachel Carr (E, F, N, O, T, U, V, X):  dossr@uwm.edu, Course Plan Request – Rachel

Jaemi Cummins (G, S): mcummins@uwm.edu, Course Plan Request – Jaemi

Milena Krstic (C, D, P, Y): mkrstic@uwm.eduCourse Plan Request – Milena

Alejandra Lopez (B): carreno@uwm.edu, Course Plan Request – Alejandra

Mary Moore-Geissler (A, H, I, J, Z): moorege2@uwm.edu, Course Plan Request – Mary

Emilee Schultz (L, M): emilee@uwm.edu, Course Plan Request – Emilee

General email: uwmbba@uwm.edu

Lubar Tutoring

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Lubar School of Business Tutoring Center physical space located in Lubar Hall N250 is currently closed. The Center remains committed to offering walk-in tutoring services, but it will now take place online in Canvas using Collaborate Ultra for the remainder of the semester.Tutoring will be available beginning March 30th for the following courses: BUS ADM 100, 201, 210, and 230. To meet with a Lubar Tutor log in to Canvas and click on the ‘Courses’ tab on the left side of the page. You can also access it through the ‘Dashboard’ if you have previously added it.
Walk-in online tutoring hours will be Monday & Wednesday from 9:30am – 4:00pm and Tuesday & Thursdays from 4:00pm – 6:00pm.

We understand that the shift to online delivery could pose challenges to some students. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your advisor.  We wish to support you during these rapidly changing and overwhelming times. Below you will find more information regarding remote tutoring and academic support services.

Meet our professional staff:

profile photoLiz Baumgarten(414) 229-5271baumga77@uwm.eduLubar Hall N297

Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Student Services

profile photoRachel Carr(414) 229-5271dossr@uwm.eduLubar Hall N297

Senior Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Student Services

profile photoJaemi Cummins(414) 229-5271mcummins@uwm.eduLubar Hall N297

Senior Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Student Services

profile photoMilena Krstic(414) 229-5271mkrstic@uwm.eduLubar Hall N297

Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Student Services

profile photoQuincy LaGrant(414) 229-6472lagrantq@uwm.eduLubar Hall N251

Undergraduate Recruitment Coordinator, Student Services

profile photoAlejandra Lopez(414) 229-5271carreno@uwm.eduLubar Hall N297

Assistant Director, Undergraduate Student Services

profile photoMary Moore-Geissler(414) 229-5271moorege2@uwm.eduLubar Hall N297

Senior Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Student Services

profile photoEmilee Schultz(414) 229-5271emilee@uwm.eduLubar Hall N297

Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Student Services

2586Multicultural Mentoring Program

Are you interested in being paired with a professional mentor? Gain insights and develop your professional network through the Multicultural Mentoring Program.


The Lubar School of Business Tutoring Center (Lubar Hall N250) is open to students enrolled in pre-business and business courses, as well as Business 100, 201, 210, and 230. The center is staffed by upperclassmen and open during the academic year. Current hours are available in Undergraduate Student Services (Lubar Hall N297) and posted at the Tutoring Center (Lubar Hall N250).

Student Services Mission

To advise students through exploration and development of effective strategies to achieve academic and career goals in a welcoming, inclusive, proactive and supportive environment.

For More Information

Undergraduate Student Services
Lubar Hall N297
(414) 229-5271