Your academic advisor at the Lubar School of Business serves as your guide and mentor as you navigate your coursework and the many wonderful opportunities you have as a student here at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

We can help you with setting and achieving goals, developing good study habits, and identifying opportunities that will help you grow. And we can keep you on track for academic milestones, including graduation day! Visit MyLubar for important information!

Advisors are assigned alphabetically by the student’s last name:

A, H, I, J, W, Z – Mary Moore-Geissler
B, C, P, Q – Alejandra Carreño López
E, F, K, N, O, T, U, V, X – Rachel Carr
D, G, S, Y – Jaemi Cummins
L, M, & R – please email uwmbba@uwm.edu

Meet our professional staff:

profile photoRachel Carr(414) 229-5271dossr@uwm.eduLubar Hall N297

Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Student Services

profile photoJaemi Cummins(414) 229-5271mcummins@uwm.eduLubar Hall N297

Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Student Services

profile photoQuincy LaGrant(414) 229-6472lagrantq@uwm.eduLubar Hall N251

Undergraduate Recruiter, Student Recruitment

profile photoAlejandra Lopez(414) 229-5271carreno@uwm.eduLubar Hall N297

Senior Academic Advisor/Coordinator of Retention Initiatives, Undergraduate Student Services

profile photoMary Moore-Geissler(414) 229-5271moorege2@uwm.eduLubar Hall N297

Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Student Services

2586Multicultural Mentoring Program

Are you interested in being paired with a professional mentor? Gain insights and develop your professional network through the Multicultural Mentoring Program.


The Lubar School of Business Tutoring Center (Lubar Hall N250) is open to students enrolled in pre-business and business courses, as well as Business 100, 201, 210, and 230. The center is staffed by upperclassmen and open during the academic year. Current hours are available in Undergraduate Student Services (Lubar Hall N297) and posted at the Tutoring Center (Lubar Hall N250).

Student Services Mission

To advise students through exploration and development of effective strategies to achieve academic and career goals in a welcoming, inclusive, proactive and supportive environment.

For More Information

Undergraduate Student Services
Lubar Hall N297
(414) 229-5271