Put your studies into practice. Join one of the Lubar School’s student competitions to showcase your knowledge and talents. (And maybe even earn a cash prize.)

In a case competition, you’ll work with a team to solve a real-world business problem.  In a business plan competition, you can work with a team or independently to lay the groundwork for starting a new business venture.

What will you gain?

  • Experience in collaboration, communication, and leading a team
  • Feedback from your peers, faculty, alumni, and industry leaders
  • The opportunity to challenge yourself within an intense, competitive environment

ACG Cup. The Wisconsin ACG Cup is a highly realistic private equity/investment banking case study contest.  Teams analyze and present their solutions and recommendations to a complex business case that requires a combination of corporate strategy, finance and valuation skills.

Business Ethics Case Competition The Lubar School’s Business Ethics Case Competition offers Lubar School of Business students an interactive opportunity to challenge your moral reasoning, develop your understanding of the importance of business ethics, and compete for cash awards.  Student teams collaboratively analyze a thought-provoking case and then present your recommendations to a panel of experienced business educators and professionals.

APICS Case Competition. Students form teams of 4 and compete against teams from other universities in an online simulation called The Fresh Connection. Teams manage a company and make decisions about which products to produce, negotiate material prices with suppliers, negotiate product prices with customers, and consider investments to make in improving the operation. Teams will be measured on the profitability of their company and the quality of their final oral presentation at APICS Great Lakes Region chapter – and may go on to the national competition

La Macchia New Venture Business Plan Competition. Take your business idea from idea to reality. This competition helps you develop a business plan and present it to a panel of investors who will judge your idea on its real-world potential. Cash awards totaling $14,000!

James D. Scheinfeld Entrepreneurial Awards.  This awards competition provides seed funding for promising student ventures.