If you’re seeking to blend the depth and rigor of the MS in Information Technology Management program with the managerial skills developed in a traditional MBA, the Lubar School of Business offers the combined MBA-MS in ITM degree.

This comprehensive program positions graduates for leadership and advancement within organizations through an extensive IT and general management curriculum.

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MBA-MS in ITM (48 – 51 credits)

MBA Core Courses (18 – 21 credits)

BUS MGMT 704 Accounting Analysis and Control
BUS MGMT 705 Corporate Finance
BUS MGMT 706 Managing in a Dynamic Environment
BUS MGMT 708 Marketing Strategy: Concepts and Practice
BUS MGMT 709 Analytic Models for Managers
BUS MGMT 711 Supply Chain Strategies & Competitive Operations
BUS MGMT 712 Strategic Management

Students with a business degree and a major in accounting, finance, management, marketing, information technology management, or supply chain and operations management may waive the 3-credit core course that corresponds to their major. A maximum of 3 credits can be waived.

ITM Required Courses (15 credits)

BUS ADM 743 Information Privacy, Security & Continuity
BUS ADM 744 Information Technology Strategy & Management
BUS ADM 747 Service-Oriented Analysis and Design
BUS ADM 749 Data and Information Management
BUS ADM 810 Development of Web-Based Solutions

Electives (15 credits)

Students choose at least five of the following:
BUS ADM 741 Web Mining and Analytics
BUS ADM 742 Big Data in Business
BUS ADM 745 Artificial Intelligence for Business
BUS ADM 746 Topics in Information Technology Management
BUS ADM 748 Managing Information Technology Projects
BUS ADM 811 Process and Work-Flow Management
BUS ADM 812 Emerging Information Technologies for Business
BUS ADM 813 Social Media Analytics for Business
BUS ADM 816 Business Intelligent Technologies and Solutions
BUS ADM 817 Infrastructure for Information Systems
BUS ADM 818 Information Systems Practicum
BUS ADM 819 Information Technology Management Internship
BUS MGMT 732 Enterprise Resource Planning
BUS MGMT 733 Enterprise Simulation Game

Foundation Courses (8 credits)

Bus Adm 335: Visual System Development (3 cr.)
Bus Adm 701: Business Mathematics (2 cr.)
Bus Adm 703: Financial Accounting (3 cr.)

Foundation courses are not required for entry into the program, and courses can be waived with prior coursework with a grade of C- or better. If the courses are not waived with prior coursework, you may discuss opportunities to satisfy the course requirements with an advisor. These eight credits would be in addition to the degree curriculum.

Additional degree requirements and course descriptions for the MBA – MS in ITM can be found on the Graduate School website.


profile photoChari, Kaushal(414) 229-6256Dean-Chari@uwm.eduLubar Hall N418

Sheldon B. Lubar Dean

Professor, Information Technology Management

Interim Executive Director, Connected Systems Institute

profile photoChen, Cheng(414) 251-5347chench@uwm.eduLubar Hall N351

Assistant Professor, Information Technology Management

profile photoHightower, Ross T.414-229-4556hightowe@uwm.eduLubar Hall N334D

Director, SAP University Competence Center

Senior Lecturer, Information Technology Management

profile photoKhasawneh, Odai(414) 229-5288khasawn@uwm.eduLubar Hall N397

Lecturer, Information Technology Management

profile photoNazareth, Derek(414) 229-6822derek@uwm.eduLubar Hall N357

Associate Professor, Information Technology Management

profile photoSinha, Atish P.(414) 229-3301sinha@uwm.eduLubar Hall N363

Professor, Information Technology Management

Director, Center for Technology Innovation

profile photoSrite, Mark(414) 229-5502msrite@uwm.eduLubar Hall N365

Interim Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Associate Professor, Information Technology Management

Director of Accreditation

profile photoWang, YangAssistant Professor(414) 229-5736wang400@uwm.eduLubar Hall N345

Assistant Professor, Information Technology Management

profile photoZahedi, Fatemeh (Mariam)(414) 229-6454zahedi@uwm.eduLubar Hall N349

UW-Milwaukee Distinguished Professor Emerita

Professor Emerita, Information Technology Management

profile photoZhao, Huimin(414) 229-6524hzhao@uwm.eduLubar Hall N343

Professor, Information Technology Management

Church Mutual Insurance Faculty Scholar in ITM

Izzet Sahin Research Excellence 

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