Accountants are in high demand for the crucial data they provide to help businesses plan operations and monitor performance. The field of accounting requires individuals to have a broad perspective of technical, managerial and social policy issues, strong mathematical competence, as well as critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The MS in Management – Accounting program is designed for students who have obtained baccalaureate degrees in fields other than accounting. Students can complete the program in just one year as a full-time student, or they can add a full-time internship and complete the program in 15 months. Our students are sought after by all size CPA firms, companies, government, and non-profit organizations. Why? Because employers appreciate that our graduates blend diverse undergraduate studies with a high-quality accounting master’s program that is directly focused on the precise demands of the CPA exam.

My Lubar has additional important information for potential and current graduate accounting students. It includes information on graduate program routes, internships, MSPA Orientation, teaching assistant and scholarship applications, as well as other useful information!

If you already have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, you may be interested in:
MS in Management – Professional Accounting

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Graduate Student Services
Lubar Hall N251
(414) 229-5403


Required Courses (27 credits)

BUS ADM 406 Income Tax Accounting II
BUS ADM 408 Accounting Information Systems
BUS ADM 722 Advanced Financial Accounting Theory
BUS ADM 724 Business Consolidations and Governmental Accounting
BUS ADM 725 Strategic Cost Management I
BUS ADM 728 Auditing Theory and Applications
BUS ADM 753 Advanced Business Law
BUS ADM 821 Business Taxation
BUS ADM 840 Current Issues in Financial Reporting

Elective Courses (3 credits)

BUS ADM 749 Data and Information Management
BUS ADM 751 Analysis of US Business Environment
BUS ADM 771 Investments
BUS ADM 772 Portfolio Management
BUS ADM 773 Options and Futures
BUS ADM 774 Global Financial Management
BUS ADM 775 Financial Strategy
BUS ADM 778 Financial Institutions and Markets
BUS ADM 834 International Taxation
BUS ADM 894 Internet Marketing
BUS MGMT 713 Entrepreneurship: Venture Creation & Management
BUS MGMT 715 Leadership, Team Building & Effective Management
BUS MGMT Study Abroad: Ernst & Young Giessen

Additional degree requirements and course descriptions for the Master of Science in Accounting  can be found on the Graduate School website.

Students admitted to the MS-Accounting program without sufficient background may need to complete additional courses. Please contact the Graduate Student Services Office for more information.

For More Information

Graduate Student Services
Lubar Hall N251
(414) 229-5403


With a strong combination of professional and academic experience, the accounting, taxation, and business law faculty at the Lubar School are well known for their commitment to helping students succeed in their studies and preparing them for the accounting profession. The practice of accounting is ever-changing. To stay on top of new developments, Lubar accounting faculty are CPA-certified in the profession and closely connected with public and corporate accounting professionals. As PhD-qualified faculty, they also collaborate with other research scholars on current topics in financial accounting, managerial accounting, non-profit accounting, auditing, individual and corporate taxation, business law, and corporate governance.

profile photoLarry AbbottAssociate ProfessorAccounting(414) 229-5165abbottl@uwm.eduLubar Hall N326H

Associate Professor, Accounting

Sheldon B. Lubar Faculty Scholar

profile photoColleen Boland(414) 229-2551bolandc@uwm.eduLubar Hall N326F

Assistant Professor, Accounting

profile photoVeena L. Brown(414) 229-4471brownvml@uwm.eduLubar Hall N326E

Associate Professor, Accounting

profile photoBrian Daugherty(414) 229-5737daughert@uwm.eduLubar Hall N326D

Associate Professor, Accounting

profile photoPaul M. Fischer(414) 229-4545pfischer@uwm.eduLubar Hall N326C

Jerry Leer Professor, Accounting

profile photoLeslie Kren(414) 229-6075lkren@uwm.eduLubar Hall N326G

Associate Professor, Accounting

profile photoAaron Mandell(414) 229-6292amandell@uwm.eduLubar Hall N314

Assistant Professor, Accounting

profile photoSean McCarthy(414) 229-5005mccarth@uwm.eduLubar Hall N329

Assistant Professor, Accounting

profile photoDaniel Neely(414) 229-4164neely@uwm.eduLubar Hall N326B

Associate Professor, Accounting

Ronald E. Pawasarat Faculty Scholar

profile photoJonathan Saffold(414) 229-4394saffolj@uwm.eduLubar Hall N312

Senior LecturerAccounting 

profile photoLaura Swenson(414) 229-3837swensola@uwm.eduLubar Hall N316

Assistant Professor, Accounting

V. Kanti Prasad Scholarly Achievement

profile photoAmy Tegeler(414) 229-4249tegelera@uwm.eduLubar Hall N320

Assistant Professor, Accounting


Message from the Director

Paul Fischer

Thank you for your interest in the accounting area at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Lubar School of Business!

The Lubar School has been the primary source of accounting talent in southeast Wisconsin for over 60 years, providing outstanding degree programs, meaningful experiential opportunities for students, a strong faculty commitment to teaching, and close relationships with accounting firms and businesses in our region.

Recognized for rigor and relevance, our program is respected for our highly-qualified and well-prepared graduates who contribute as CPAs and accounting professionals in businesses throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

On behalf of the accounting faculty, I welcome you to learn more about us.

Paul M. Fischer
Director of Accounting Programs
Jerry Leer Professor of Accounting

Accounting Area Mission

The accounting area of the Lubar School of Business engages in theoretical and applied research and provides high quality education that leads to successful accounting careers for our students. We blend experience-based learning, teaching innovations, employer and alumni involvement, professional ethics, international exposure, and career guidance to enhance our students’ professional preparation.

Accounting Advisory Council

Highly engaged with accounting firms and professionals throughout the region, we value the input and guidance of our Accounting Advisory Council, comprised of partners from each of the “big four” international CPA firms, partners from regional and local CPA firms, and certified public accountants who are leaders of major international companies in our region.

Full Array of Accounting Degree Programs

BBA in Accounting
Our BBA in Accounting can be completed in four years, including a full-time internship.  Once graduated, students are allowed to take the CPA exam in Wisconsin.  However, a total of 150 credits of college education are required to obtain a CPA license in Wisconsin.

MS in Professional Accounting
High-achieving accounting undergraduate students may continue their studies in the “fifth year,” full-time MS in Professional Accounting program.  The curriculum is focused on preparing students for success on the CPA exam. Students have the option to specialize in assurance services or taxation.  Many students in this program receive funding through scholarships or teaching assistantships.

MS in Accounting
This program is designed for students with non-accounting or non-business undergraduate degrees who wish to pursue a career in accounting.  The program can be completed in a flexible part-time schedule, or in as quickly as one year if attending full time.  Students prepare for and take the CPA exam while in the program.