Faculty in the Lubar School’s doctoral program are committed to working closely with you to develop your knowledge and capabilities, create a career network, and navigate the academic job market. Highly regarded experts in their fields, the faculty of the Lubar School of Business have been trained at top universities around the world, and contribute thought leadership in the profession and in publication.

Doctoral Program Faculty in Finance

profile photoYong-Cheol Kim(414) 229-4997ykim@uwm.eduLubar Hall S430D

Associate Professor, Finance

profile photoRichard D. Marcus(414) 229-4103marcus@uwm.eduLubar Hall S430F

Associate Professor, Finance

Chair, Executive Committee

Interim Director, M&I Marshall & Ilsey Center for Business Ethics

profile photoValeriy Sibilkov(414) 229-4369sibilkov@uwm.eduLubar Hall S430G

Hans G. Storr Associate Professor, Finance

Doctoral Program Faculty in Management

profile photoStanislav D. Dobrev414-229-4041dobrev@uwm.eduLubar Hall N371

Robert L. and Sally S. Manegold Chair in Strategic Management, Organizations & Strategic Management


profile photoMaria Goranova(414) 229-5429goranova@uwm.eduLubar Hall S381

Professor, Organizations & Strategic Management

Roger L. Fitzsimonds Distinguished Scholar

profile photoEdward Levitas(414) 229-6825levitas@uwm.eduLubar Hall S375

Professor, Organizations & Strategic Management

profile photoBelle Rose Ragins(414) 229-6823ragins@uwm.eduLubar Hall S357

Sheldon B. Lubar Professor of Management, Organizations & Strategic Management

profile photoHong Ren(414) 229-2522renh@uwm.eduLubar Hall S328

Associate Professor, Organizations & Strategic Management

Dean's Research Fellow

profile photoRomila Singh(414) 229-4905romila@uwm.eduLubar Hall S326

Associate Professor, Organizations & Strategic Management



Doctoral Program Faculty in Information Technology Management

profile photoDerek Nazareth(414) 229-6822derek@uwm.eduLubar Hall N357

Associate Professor, Information Technology Management

profile photoAtish P. Sinha(414) 229-3301sinha@uwm.eduLubar Hall N363

Professor, Information Technology Management

Director, Center for Technology Innovation

profile photoMark Srite(414) 229-5502msrite@uwm.eduLubar Hall N365

Interim Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Associate Professor, Information Technology Management

Director of Accreditation

profile photoFatemeh (Mariam) Zahedi(414) 229-6454zahedi@uwm.eduLubar Hall N349

UW-Milwaukee Distinguished Professor Emerita

Professor Emerita, Information Technology Management

profile photoHuimin Zhao(414) 229-6524hzhao@uwm.eduLubar Hall N343

Professor, Information Technology Management

Church Mutual Insurance Faculty Scholar in ITM

Izzet Sahin Research Excellence 

Doctoral Program Faculty in Marketing

profile photoAmit Bhatnagar(414) 229-2520amit@uwm.eduLubar Hall N387

Associate Professor, Marketing

Richard and Barbara Weiss Faculty Scholar 

profile photoSanjoy Ghose(414) 229-4224sanjoy@uwm.eduLubar Hall N379

Director, PhD Program

Professor, Marketing

Norine Carlson-Weber Faculty Scholar

profile photoCharles Kang(414) 229-3829kangca@uwm.eduLubar Hall N386

Assistant Professor, Marketing

profile photoPurushottam Papatla(414) 229-4439papatla@uwm.eduLubar Hall N481

Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute Professor, Marketing

Co-Director, Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute

profile photoLaura Peracchio(414) 229-3830lperacch@uwm.eduLubar Hall N385

Judith H. and Gale E. Klappa Endowed Professor, Marketing

Doctoral Program Faculty in Supply Chain and Operations Management

profile photoLayth C. Alwan(414) 229-6253alwan@uwm.eduLubar Hall S497

Professor, Supply Chain, Operations Management & Business Statistics

profile photoXiang Fang(414) 229-3833fangx@uwm.eduLubar Hall N361

Associate Professor, Supply Chain, Operations Management & Business Statistics

Dean's Research Fellow

profile photoTimothy Haas(414) 229-4360haas@uwm.eduLubar Hall S487

Associate Professor, Business Statistics

profile photoEhsan S. SoofiProfessor(414) 229-4281esoofi@uwm.eduLubar Hall S471

UW-Milwaukee Distinguished Professor, Business Statistics

Business Advisory Council Faculty Scholar

profile photoXiaohang Yue(414) 229-4657xyue@uwm.eduLubar Hall S491

Professor, Supply Chain, Operations Management & Business Statistics

Roger L. Fitzsimonds Distinguished Scholar