The Lubar Executive MBA Program awards a limited number of scholarships to admitted students during the admissions cycle. The scholarship decisions are made based on a holistic review of the completed scholarship application, the application for admission, and availability of funds. Admitted students are notified of the scholarship no later than three weeks prior to the beginning of the program.

The Executive MBA Program has scholarships available for EMBA students who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Be accepted into the EMBA program
  • Must have paid their $1,500 program deposit

Admitted students may apply for more than one award category and while these awards are cumulative, the total cannot exceed $10,000. Awards are divided equally among the four-program payment cycles and disbursed accordingly.

NOTE: Scholarship decisions will only be made for admitted students who have completed the scholarship application and provided the required documentation.

Alumni Referral Award
This $5,000 award is for a student who has submitted at least one recommendation letter from a Lubar Executive MBA alumnus as part of their application for admission.

Diversity Scholarship Award
This award of up to $10,000 has been created for EMBA students who are either (1) a member of a diverse group (generally defined to include race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity or physical disability) or (2) has demonstrated a commitment to diversity that will be furthered by attending the program.

Executive Education Program Award
This $5,000 award is for those who have attended a Lubar Executive Program within the past five years. Please be sure to provide the program name and date(s) for verification.

Financial Need Award
This award of up to $10,000 is for student with a demonstrated financial need.

Not-For-Profit and Government Employee Award
Students who work for the government (Federal, State, or Local) or who work for a not-for-profit entity are eligible for this award of up to $7,500

Proud Panther Award
This $500 award is for students who have been awarded their undergraduate degree from UW-Milwaukee.

Road Warrior Award
This $3,000 award is for students traveling more than 50 miles to campus for class and should cover the cost of any additional lodging expenses incurred.

Small Business Owners/Employees Award
This $3,000 award is for small business owners with a total headcount of 50 or less or employees working in a small business with 50 or less employees.

Veteran Service Award
An award of up to $7,500 award is offered to those currently serving or honorably discharged veterans of the United States military (any branch). Must not be currently eligible for veteran educational benefits (GI Bill benefits, Post 9/11 benefits, or Wisconsin GI Bill benefits) and must have exhausted their veteran’s benefits.

Women’s Leadership Award
Women with a track record of fast paced advancement at their company or other significant career accomplishments are eligible for awards of up to $3,000.

Multi-Student Awards
Two or more individuals who are employed by the same company prior to admission will receive the following award (up to a maximum of five students) as long as the students are claiming tuition reimbursement from their companies.
Total scholarships per person:

  • Two cohort members – ($3,000 award to each)
  • Three cohort members – ($5,000 award to each)
  • Four cohort members – ($7,500 award to each)
  • Five cohort members – ($9,500 award to each)

Award recipients must have paid their $1500 enrollment fee prior to acceptance and must successfully complete the September Residency.