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UWM’s Terms and Conditions
This information is intended for businesses who wish to offer goods or services to UWM.

As a state agency, the University is bound by state rules and processes pertaining to procurement. In order to be fair and transparent to the entire vendor community, please note that the University does not keep an “approved vendor list” that you can be added to.The best way to receive notice of upcoming bids and the best place to place your name for our Purchasing agents to find you is the State’s free service, VendorNet. Click here for the VendorNet registration website.

  • When registering you must know the various NIGP commodity codes that are applicable to the items your company can provide.
  • When a bid is posted for that commodity code by any State agency you’ll get an automatic e-mail alert that the bid has been posted and you can then bid on the item/contract.
  • You should log in to your account at least once per year in order to keep the account active.

UPDATE – The ‘Wayfair Decision’ – see the Department of Revenue’s website here: https://www.revenue.wi.gov/Pages/Businesses/remote-sellers.aspx

State rules differentiate between how different levels of spend at the University are managed:

  • Purchases under $5000 are typically placed by people from the various campus departments as a “best judgement” transaction and are often paid for on a UWM credit card (these procurements are not visible on VendorNet). These ‘low dollar’ purchases are the only procurements that do not have to be routed via the Purchasing Office. ‘Serial Purchasing’, the act of a department placing multiple ‘low-dollar’ orders with one vendor to avoid the bidding process, is prohibited by law.
  • Purchases of $5,000 to $50,000 require the Purchasing office to obtain three quotes, whenever possible, for the good or service required. These procurements are not required to be posted on VendorNet, but Purchasing agents often use VendorNet to find bidders to solicit quotes from. As a condition of the order, the Purchasing Office may ask you to sign a contract, agree to our terms and conditions, or choose to amend your terms and conditions. A formal Purchase Order (PO) will be issued by the Purchasing Office – any other order form or confirmation of an order that you may receive may not be valid unless accompanied by a University PO; this could lead to the cancellation of your order or may result in a delay to payment.
  • Purchases of $50,000 and over require official sealed bidding (RFB) or requests for proposal (RFP) which you would receive notice of via being registered for VendorNet. These procurements involve very specific requirements that must be met around communication (including formal question and answer processes) and submittal procedures. The Purchasing Office manages all RFBs or RFPs for the University via VendorNet. A PO will be issued by the Purchasing Office only after a contract has been agreed to.

University Purchasing Agents are not permitted to accept gifts, food, promotional material or anything of value from vendors, nor may we endorse vendors’ products or services.