Purchasing – Background & Authority

 Purchasing Office

Englemann Hall, Room 220
2033 E. Hartford Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53211

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Purchasing Office
PO Box 966
Milwaukee, WI 53201

 General Inquiries

(414) 229-4301

Purchasing Office staff have the approval and training to legally purchase goods and services under Wisconsin law. UW-Milwaukee is delegated authority to conduct its purchasing operations by the UW System Office of Procurement who in turn receive their delegated authority from the State Bureau of Procurement. Those delegations are formal and are granted to single accountable staff members in the UW System Office of Procurement and the UW-Milwaukee Purchasing Office. More information about the University’s purchasing authority can be found via the State Bureau of Procurement.Purchasing Agents are trained to understand and work within the framework and processes of acquiring goods and services needed for the ongoing day to day operation of the University. University Purchasing Agents are stewards of state funds, who are required to buy goods and services in compliance with the laws of Wisconsin.

Where Federal funds are spent, UW-Milwaukee will continue to comply with the procurement standards in previous OMB guidance, per 2 CFR §200.110(a), for three additional fiscal years after 2 CFR 200 goes into effect. The University will delay implementation of new procurement rules in 2 CFR §§200.317 – 200.326 until July 1, 2018, and in the interim will follow the guidance of the old standards.

Our Purchasing Agents aim to inspire public confidence and ensure the vendor community open and fair competition by following ethical and transparent processes.

The goal of a successful solicitation is to follow the right process to obtain the product at the best price, the correct quantity, at the right time and place for our campus. Purchasing Agents guide purchasing processes in accordance with laws, codes, policies & procedures, including but not limited to:

  • Leading official sealed bid and request for proposal processes
  • Ensuring solicitations are open and fair, specifications are not restrictive, end user needs are met
  • Are aware of and enforce use of mandatory state contracts
  • Reporting to the SBOP
  • Keeping records as required by University policy and State statutes