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Shared Financial System Overview

On July 1, 2000, UWM began using the UWS Shared Financial System (SFS) for our Accounting System.

    1. SFS Term Descriptions
      1. Business Unit: An organizational entity that maintains its own business activity. Our business unit is UWMIL.
      2. Budget Period: Same as fiscal year.
      3. Fund
      4. Program: The program designates the function or purpose for which revenues and expenditures are incurred.
      5. Dept. ID:Used to designate the organization or entity. The first two digits represent the school/college/division or other comparable entity. the third and fourth digits designate the academic department or other comparable unit. The fifth and sixth digits are a further breakdown of the department.
        • Example: 021020
        • 02 = Administrative Affairs
        • 10 = Business & Financial Services
        • 20 = Controller’s office
      6. Account: The account is the key to accounting transactions. The account types used in SFS are assets, liabilities, equity, expenses, and revenues.


      • 3100 = Supplies
      • 6166 = Travel Advance – Single
      • 4604 = Equipment
  1. Project Grant: Designates the four digit project or grant number assigned by the Graduate School for funds 133 and 144 preceded by the project number (i.e., AB12 becomes PRJAB12). This field can also be used to assign revenues and expenses to a specific project. Projects could be established for the various summer camps run by the Athletic Department.
  2. Class: The subclass can be used to further define an account.

For questions regarding the SFS structure, contact the Controller’s office (x6652).