FY16 budget cut details, December 8, 2015

Decisions on the $15.7M in one-time budget cuts for FY16 have been made and are being implemented.  In summary, the breakdown of budget cuts is:

FY Cut
In millions

Academic Affairs                               $6.2M
Student Affairs                                   $4.0M
Finance and Administrative Affairs   $3.1M
General Education Administration     $0.6M
Unit-Wide/Central Pool                      $1.8M

For more detail about the decisions, please see FY16 Budget Cut Proposals, noting that information deemed personal and related to staff management decisions has been redacted for confidentiality purposes.  Information on the cuts for Student Affairs will be posted when they are finalized.  If you have questions about a particular decision, please contact the office of the respective Dean or Division Head(s).FY16 budget cut details, December 8, 2015