CCOET Primary Team Meeting notes, January 13, 2016

All Team Meeting
January 13, 2016, 3-5 p.m.
Regents Room

Meeting Notes

The meeting began with the co-chairs announcing that the subgroups will split up again to discuss the four draft sections that were emailed to the group on Monday. This time, everyone would weigh in on the other sections of the draft report besides the one that they had worked on. Their task was to evaluate each section to see what is missing, what needs to be added, what needs to be moved, what else should we put in the section to help subgroups complete their section? The co-chairs want to make sure that the CCOET is covering all bases. The co-chairs announced that they created the draft outline because they felt there were areas that weren’t fully covered in the original draft report and wanted to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard. They also added the incentives section to section one for ideas that are necessary in order to enable these changes to take place. The incentives are embedded in each section of the draft report, but everyone felt that they should be brought out separately in the report. In section two, the co-chairs created an area to put ideas that could potentially create savings and bring about change. These ideas have been discussed within the group so it was decided that they should be included. They also included the parking lot section because they wanted to forward these ideas to the Chancellor to show him the breadth of discussion that has been taking place. In the appendices, they thought it was important to include all statements from the various groups that were submitted for ideas that go beyond this group’s task. The co-chairs announced that they are trying to capture everything that they possibly can in the report. An agreement between everyone on campus is very unlikely, but the CCOET wanted to represent everyone in the report.

The group then split up into their subgroups to discuss the draft report sections. When they returned, each subgroup briefly summarized what was discussed during their meeting. The co-chairs asked that the group’s comments be emailed to them so that they can work the suggestions into the report. They also asked for individual comments to be emailed to them for the same purpose. The sections that they discussed again were: Position Control, Administrative Organization and Balance, and Campus Reorganization.

After the subgroups reported their suggestions, the co-chairs ended the meeting. They announced that they will get the updated information out to the group by Monday January 18 and on Wednesday January 20, they will meet to see if there are things that we can’t agree on or if the report is ready to be finalized.

Before the meeting was dismissed a team member suggested that we create guiding principles for the Chancellor to have as he goes through the Final Report of CCOET Suggestions. Everyone in the group agreed that it would be helpful and decided it should be done.

Input from people on campus is still accepted and will be included in the Final Report as well.