CCOET Primary Team and Support Team Meeting Notes, Jan. 20 2016

January 20, 2016,
Regents Room
3-5 p.m.

The co-chairs started the meeting and announced that the group will break up into their subgroups again to discuss the entire document and would then meet back as a whole to discuss observations and changes.

The group broke up and then came back together for discussion. The co-chairs reported on the conversations that they had in their groups. They reviewed the document together and noted where revisions needed to take place. A few larger suggestions for the report were made:

  1. Standardize the format of the document in terms of labeling sections as well as smooth out the language to create a flowing report and to clear up any potential miscommunication errors that could be made while reading the report.
  2. Create an introductory section for the whole report.
  3. Work on the tone of the report.
  4. Explicitly mention the idea that where merging schools and colleges could possibly provide more savings than clustering schools and colleges, the savings may be minimal compared to the effort/time spent to accomplish.
  5. Have an introduction paragraph before the Parking Lot section to explain why it is there.
  6. Make sure we are being consistent while using the term “options”. The group decided not to use the term recommendations because they were charged with giving the Chancellor options. The group might not all agree on the options, but they should still all be presented.
  7. Make sure to work Students into the Guiding Principles for Implementation.
  8. Emphasize that Position Controls applies to Faculty AND Staff.
  9. Move the Parking Lot suggestions to narrative form.

In the discussion it was noted that UW-Stout was able to move their reorganization ahead with the Regents approval and it will be done within 1 fiscal year, so it is possible to get ours done by fiscal year 17. It is not going to drag on for 4 or 5 years, the Regents are ready to approve.

They also discussed a credit plateau option that is in the Parking Lot. There is research that has proven that an increase actually increases retention. UWM has looked at this in the past, but it would need the Regents approval and it would also require a strong student support because tuition would increase. It is included in the Parking Lot as an option because it could yield money but it is a longer term strategy.

The group also discussed that L&S has been examining their centers and are trying to pay attention to the revenues and expenses for each center, with possible savings of $5 million.

Members expressed the desire to discuss both research and teaching as service to the state because both research and teaching contribute to learning. The two components are what we are supposed to be doing to serve the state.

The discussion on the report ended and the co-chairs announced that there is still opportunity for people to send their comments to be placed in the report as individual comments. As of now, the co-chairs will begin wordsmithing. As long as everyone submits their input by next week, the co-chairs believe the report would be able to be delivered to the Chancellor by February 1st.

The co-chairs announced that they will work on an introduction to the report and will send it out to the group via email. If people are happy about it, there is no need to meet next week.

All CCOET members agreed that they would encourage the Chancellor to have a spot on the website to receive comments from the community when he posts the report to the public.

The co-chairs also announced that they will meet this week to put the final draft of the document together so that they can email the whole document to the team for final review as soon as possible.

Before the meeting ended, an audience member voiced concern that the campus would not have enough time to respond to the options once the Chancellor posts them to the public. The co-chairs stated that they understand that there will be approximately 3 weeks for the campus to give feedback to the Chancellor after he posts the options to the public.

There were no more questions and the group was dismissed. There will be no meeting next week.