JFC Testimony, Rachel Ida Buff

This testimony can be watched at WisconsinEye:
beginning at 02:32:15.

Prof. Rachel Ida Buff
Associate Professor, History
Coordinator, Comparative Ethnic Studies

I’m Rachel Ida Buff. I teach history and comparative ethnic studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I’m a faculty senator. I’m also a Sunday school teacher.

Thank you so much for your fortitude. It’s been a really long day and I threw out a long time ago the statement I came prepared to read, because I just want to say I’ve observed over the course of the day who we’re hearing from here, and I think it’s really important to say this: We’re hearing the voices of and the advocates for, the differently-abled, the poor, the students, the immigrants, the seniors and our wild and natural spaces. Those are the things this current budget seeks to savage.

We all know and it’s been pointed out abundantly well by my fellow citizens and denizens that there are other choices to be made, and you can make the moral choice to protext the people who have spoken today and to listen to our voices, or you can make the immoral choice not to.

I also have a message from my fifth-grader at Golda Meir School who asked me to say this to you, “The only good cuts are haircuts.”