Chancellor’s Update on VSIP Participation

April 24, 2015

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Earlier this month at our campus budget meeting, I announced that UWM would offer a Voluntary Separation Incentive Program (VSIP) to some faculty and staff. This is one measure of a multi-faceted approach to responsibly deal with the magnitude of the proposed cut to the UW System biennial budget.

Deans and Division Heads have made recommendations to me about who from their departments or areas may participate in the VSIP. Given that all areas of UWM are considered to be valuable, the relative merit of a department or area was not a consideration in the recommendation to participate. Rather, these were the considerations:

  • Whether the VSIP will achieve a reduction in budget consistent with the financial objectives of the unit;
  • If positions would need to be filled and if so, how savings might compare with the anticipated salaries needed to fill those positions; and
  • Whether the department can effectively handle an accelerated loss of eligible employees.

I have reviewed and accepted all of the recommendations made by Deans and Division Heads and, as a result, these are the VSIP participating divisions.

The Office of Human Resources will by May 1 notify all eligible employees and provide each person with next steps. Four VSIP information sessions remain and I encourage you to attend a session if you believe you are an eligible employee.

The VSIP provides a voluntary opportunity for some of our faculty and staff to separate from UWM in a dignified way. This was not an easy decision to make. Our faculty and staff are our greatest assets and it will be difficult to lose valued colleagues.

I extend my thanks to the Budget Planning Task Force and to everyone who has worked so hard during a prolonged period of uncertainty to help us prepare for this serious potential budget cut. UWM is vital to our region and state and I am confident that we will emerge from this unsettling time with a new focus and strength.


Mark A. Mone