UW Daily: May 11, 2015

UW System Tax cuts shouldn’t trump UW funding, Editorial, Wisconsin State Journal, May 10 Tenure, shared governance at UW face uncertain future as Legislature tinkers with Scott Walker budget, Wisconsin State Journal, May 11 UW System cuts are too deep,… Read More

April 11, 2015 Dear Faculty and Staff, At Monday’s April 13th Campus Budget Meeting I will announce that UWM will offer a voluntary separation incentive program (VSIP) for some employees. This is one measure as part of a multi-faceted approach… Read More

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UWM Budget Impact Advocacy Facts

Download Word Document Student Success The proposed 2015-17 budget for Wisconsin disinvests in our students. UWM is the State’s second largest public university and is vital to the region. We educate more Wisconsin residents than any institution – 28,000+ students… Read More

UW Daily: March 12, 2015

Board of Regents ASM leaders say UW System regents ‘too busy’ to listen to their concerns, Badger Herald, March 11 UW System UW System wants to reduce remedial math classes, WXOW, March 11 Madison legislators to hold listening session on… Read More

I am The Wisconsin Idea

I am a proud graduate of the two largest University of Wisconsin campuses, receiving my bachelor of science in industrial engineering from UW-Madison and my master’s in business administration from UW-Milwaukee

UW Daily: March 11, 2015

UW System UW System chief brings plainspoken style to ‘impossible job’, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, March 10 $8,000 monthly consultant is helping Cross with UW budget, management, and changes, Media Milwaukee, March 10 On Campus UW-Madison academic staff opposes public authority for… Read More

UW Daily: March 9, 2015

UW System Scott Walker: UW tuition will be lower than ³just about any other campus,² Politifact, March 9 Budget Hearings Ramp Up Debate On State Priorities, MacIver Institute, March 8 State universities brace for proposed budget cuts, Milwaukee Biz Times,… Read More

The Board of Regents passed two resolutions at their meeting Thursday.  You can view them through links available on this page:


Download the resolutions (PDF)s:

The comments by President Cross, Regent President Falbo, other Regents, and various System Chancellors will help you understand the context of events during the meeting.  You can view the webcasts (the resolutions were passed in the afternoon) through links available on this page:



UW Daily: March 6, 2015

Board of Regents Board of Regents, in raucous meeting, air grievances over Scott Walker budget proposals, Wisconsin State Journal, March 6 Cautious on public authority, regents seek flexibilities, smaller cut, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, March 5 UW regents push back against Walker’s… Read More

UW Daily: March 4, 2015

UW System UW System president offers performance-based model in exchange for guaranteed funding, WKOW, March 3 UW head Ray Cross: $300M cut is ‘too much and too fast’, Wisconsin State Journal, March 4 UW System leader urges legislators to OK… Read More

UW Daily: March 3, 2015

UW System Scott Walker¹s separation of school and state, US News & World Report, March 2 UW slush fund more than quadruples in last decade, MacIver Institute, March 3 Students plan sit-in during UW budget briefing, Channel 3000, March 3… Read More

UW Daily: March 2, 2015

Board of Regents Concerns arise over Board of Regents power with UW System changes, Badger Herald, March 2 UW System Scott Walker wants to end funding for renewable energy program, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, February 28 U. of Wisconsin asks Walker to… Read More

UW Daily: Feb. 27, 2015

UW System UW professors urge Ray Cross to withdraw support for new UW public authority, Wisconsin State Journal, February 27 UW faculty demand that Ray Cross oppose Scott Walker¹s plan to restructure the university, Capital Times, February 27 Scott Walker… Read More

UW Daily: Feb. 26, 2015

UW System Grusin: UW System President Ray Cross should seek moratorium on move to a public authority, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, February 25 UW-Milwaukee students call for show of ‘no confidence’ in UW System, campus administrators, Capital Times, February 26 Speculation swirling… Read More

UW Daily: Feb. 25, 2015

UW System Ray Cross: Tools to build UW System of the future are in state budget proposal, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, February 24 In defense of the Wisconsin Idea, from 2,088 miles away, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, February 24 On Campus With 2 UW… Read More

Today @ UWM: Feb. 25, 2015

Feb. 25, 2015 5 ways UWM is improving health Been drinking? UWM researchers find the answer at your fingertips Powerful idea: Engineer shows how to store renewable energy

UW Daily: Feb. 24 2015

UW System Thomas Pleger: Budget shouldn’t decide UW System’s future, Green Bay Press-Gazette, February 23 Rep. Sargent: Step up to protect our UW family, Capital Times, February 23 Critics: Scott Walker’s redraft of Wisconsin Idea an intentional play to win… Read More

UW Daily

UW System Cross purposes: UW System’s new leader talks of his challenges, WPRI, February 20 Tom Still: Public’s voice missing in legislature’s rush to cut UW System budget, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, February 21 UW, K-12 funding dominate Heaton’s listening session, Wausau… Read More

UW Daily: Feb. 20, 2015

UW System Democrats: Scott Walker’s the one playing Washington politics with UW, Wisconsin State Journal, February 19 Dem leader suggests Republicans are ‘putting together a Nixon-style enemies list’, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, February 19 Budget co-chairs critical of UW-Madison chancellor, Wisconsin Radio… Read More

UW Daily: Feb 19, 2015

UW System Top Republicans blast UW-Madison chancellor for playing ‘Washington politics’ in budget battle, Wisconsin State Journal, February 19 UW-Madison¹s Rebecca Blank is playing Œ’Washington politics,’ 2 legislators say, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, February 18 UW has plans for that slush fund,… Read More

UW Daily, Feb. 18. 2015

UW System College students protest Walker budget cuts, CNN, February 17 Scott Walker knows how to pick a fight, Slate, February 17 ​​Scott Walker’s university budget cuts – how big?, Politifact, February 17 On Scott Walker’s UW budget cuts, his… Read More

UW Daily, Feb. 17, 2015

UW System 2016 Ambitions Seen in Walker’s Push for University Cuts in Wisconsin, New York Times, February 16 Gov. Walker, eyeing a 2016 bid, picks new fight in Wisconsin: universities, Washington Post, February 16 Protesters bring ‘Save Our UW’ message… Read More

Save the Wisconsin Idea

Op-Ed by  Christine Evans, assistant professor of history MILWAUKEE — EARLIER this month, Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin and potential Republican presidential candidate, unveiled a proposed budget that would cut $300 million of funds to the University of Wisconsin… Read More

UW Daily: Feb. 16, 2015

Walker suspends state workers’ merit pay raises, Green Bay Press-Gazette (AP), February 13 A Problem with Presidential Salaries, 1130 WISN, February 15 UW increases hiring during time of declining enrollment, MacIver Institute, February 16 Sen. Frank Lasee: UW System can… Read More

UW Daily, Feb. 13, 2015

UW System Speaker Vos: If state revenue improves, UW cut should be smaller, Capital Times, February 13 UW faculty union idea floated under new public authority, ultimately shot down, Wisconsin State Journal, February 13 Assembly leaders share concerns over cuts… Read More

UW Daily, Feb. 13, 2015

UW System Speaker Vos: If state revenue improves, UW cut should be smaller, Capital Times, February 13 UW faculty union idea floated under new public authority, ultimately shot down, Wisconsin State Journal, February 13 Assembly leaders share concerns over cuts… Read More

UWM’s Budget in Brief

Download a PDF version This document was modeled after UW-Madison’s Budget in Brief document and is intended to provide a similar, easy-to-understand synopsis of UWM’s budget. UWM is grateful to UW-Madison for granting permission to use its Budget in Brief… Read More

UW Daily: Feb. 12, 2015

UW System Some of $300 million in cuts could be covered by cash balances, UW acknowledges, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, February 12 Walker aide: UW System cuts are flexible, complaints unwarranted, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, February 12 Walker OK with fast-tracking UW’s freedom, Green… Read More

UW Daily, Feb. 11, 2015

UW System UW President Ray Cross feared lawmakers would curtail shared governance, tenure, Wisconsin State Journal, February 11 UW System reorganization could put campuses in ‘buildings race’ to attract affluent students, Capital Times, February 11 UW net assets rise despite… Read More

FOX6NOW.com: UWM Effort to Garner Support Rallying Online

UWM effort to garner support in light of proposed budget cuts evolves from rallies on campus to rallying online

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Chancellors within the University of Wisconsin System continue to develop new ways to garner support — as Governor Scott Walker’s two-year budget proposal calls for $300 million in cuts to the UW System. At UW-Milwaukee, the effort involves sharing the school’s story with as many people as possible.

The effort has evolved from rallies on campus to rallying online.

“Our goal right now is to communicate the value of higher education,” UW-Milwaukee Vice Chancellor Tom Luljak said.

On Tuesday, February 10th, one week after Governor Walker unveiled his two-year budget proposal at the Capitol in Madison, Luljak detailed the university’s efforts to share some perspective on the estimated impact of Governor Walker’s proposed cuts to the UW System’s budget.

“Over the last few days, our chancellor has reached out in a message to alumni, faculty, staff, students — to our donors, to people who support us, and has asked them to help tell the story of UWM,” Luljak said.

On Wednesday, a newsletter is set to debut which features stories from those hoping to highlight their experience at UWM — stories which can be shared via Facebook and Twitter with the click of a mouse.

“The new electronic newsletter is not advocacy. It’s not saying, ‘get on the phone and call someone.’ It really is helping people understand what difference a big, research university can make in our own lives,” Luljak said.

Luljak estimates the proposed cuts to the UW System would mean $20 million fewer dollars coming to UWM, and while there are certainly those who support Governor Walker’s proposal, there are also plenty who support this new effort.

“Cutting out unnecessary expenses, unnecessary programs will help in the long run,” Nate Marshall said.

“I think that if it’s gonna get a rise out of any of us, that’s gonna be the way to do it,”

Luljak says university administrators have instructed anyone who is in any way employed by UWM to avoid using any state resources, such as email accounts for any advocacy-related activities.


Talking Points and Facts about UWM

Last Updated: February 9, 2015 Please note that updates will be made as more information develops. Key Communication Messages Basic Facts About UWM, Wisconsin How UWM Can Help Wisconsin Alumni  Fill Wisconsin Jobs UWM Boosts the Economy UWM Engages Budget… Read More

UW Daily, Feb. 9, 2015

  Board of Regents Protesters upset they weren’t let into Regents meeting, Wisconsin State Journal, February 7 Demonstrators protest Gov. Scott Walker’s budget cuts at meeting of UW Regents, Capital Times, February 9 Protesters demonstrate against Walker’s UW System cuts,… Read More

UW Daily, Feb. 5, 2014

UW System Assembly Speaker concerned by Walker’s $300M cut to UW Wisconsin Public Radio, February 4 Documents show Walker administration sought removal of UW’s Wisconsin Idea Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, February 5 Power of the Wisconsin Idea Inside Higher Ed, February 5… Read More

UW Daily, Feb. 4, 2015

UW System Wisconsin GOP Gov. Walker takes aim at college outlays professors Wall Street Journal, Feb. 3 Walker’s Wisconsin budget has a national message New York Times, Feb. 3 Walker’s budget cuts property taxes UW funding Green Bay Press-Gazette (AP),… Read More

UW Daily, Feb. 2, 2015

UW System Be skeptical of Gov. Scott Walker’s plan for UW System, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, January 30 Our View: Walker’s proposed UW cuts go too deep, Wausau Daily Herald, February 1 JFC co-chair Nygren talks Bucks, UW cuts on ‘Upfront’, WisPolitics,… Read More