Budget Planning Task Force Update, 7-30-15

Dear Faculty and Staff:
Following up on the Campus Budget Forum of July 16, the Budget Planning Task Force would like to provide the campus with an update of its work to date as well as the work that remains ahead.  That overview can be found here: http://go.uwm.edu/1HovP7r.
We have achieved some significant changes to the final budget outcome: the cut was reduced from the original proposal; we received a larger share than normal of certain one-time and base funding allocated by UW System; and we have identified one-time funding to cover the budget cut for FY 16 and a portion of FY 17.  That said, we have a great challenge ahead for UWM.  Past budget cuts, tuition freezes, and enrollment declines, along with the FY 15-17 biennium’s budget cuts and tuition freeze, have combined to create an ongoing structural deficit.  We can overcome this challenge, but that must start with an honest assessment of our situation so that we can work together to implement the major changes needed to create a sustainable future.
We thank you for your commitment to remaining engaged in this difficult and lengthy process.  We will need and appreciate your collegiality as we seek and implement solutions moving forward.
Please plan to attend the next campus budget forum on Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 2 p.m. in the Student Union Wisconsin Room.
Budget Planning Task Force Members:
Johannes Britz, Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (co-Chair)
Robin Van Harpen, Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administrative Affairs (co-Chair)
W. Hobart Davies, Academic Planning and Budget Committee Chair       
Mark Schwartz, University Committee Chair
Robin Weigert, Academic Staff Committee Chair
Stan Yasaitis, Classified Staff Advisory Council Chair
Mike Sportiello, Student Association President
Michael Laliberte, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Mark Harris, Interim Associate Provost for Research
Rodney Swain, Dean, College of Letters & Science
Sally Lundeen, Dean, College of Nursing
Scott Emmons, Dean, Peck School of the Arts
Tom Luljak, Vice Chancellor for University Relations & Communications
Jerry Tarrer, Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance
John Reisel, University Committee
Ryan Sorenson, Student Association
Joey Zafra, General Education Administration Unit Business Representative
Tracy Buss, Academic Planning and Budget Committee
Brad Houston, Academic Planning and Budget Committee