Budget Planning Task Force Members

Johannes Britz (Co-Chair), Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Robin Van Harpen (Co-Chair), Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administrative Affairs
Rebecca Klaper, Academic Planning & Budget Committee Chair
Mark Schwartz, University Committee Chair
Sarah Morgan, Academic Staff Committee Chair
Stan Yasaitis, Classified Staff Advisory Council Chair
Ryan Sorenson, Student Association President
Michael Laliberte, Vice Chancellor
Mark Harris, Interim Associate Provost for Research
Dean Rodney Swain, L&S
Dean Sally Lundeen, College of Nursing

Ex-Officio Task Force Members:
Tom Luljak (liaison to the Budget Communications Task Force), Vice Chancellor for University Relations & Communications
Jerry Tarrer (Co-Chair of Budget Planning Support Team), Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance
Dean Tim Smunt, Lubar School of Business (Co-Chair of the Budget Planning Support Team)