UWM Colors

Crowd wearing UWM gold and black colors

UWM’s primary colors are GOLD and BLACK.

UWM Gold

For printing on UNCOATED paper stock
Includes smooth or vellum finish offset, text or book, smooth or vellum finish cover (business card stock), linen, laid, 25% cotton rag bond (letterhead), writing/copy bond, envelopes.
Pantone (PMS) spot color = PMS 116U
For process color applications (C=cyan, M=magenta, Y=yellow and K=black):
CMYK = C0, M16, Y100, K0

For printing on COATED paper stock
Includes gloss, dull, satin, matte, digital smooth (Copy Center).
Pantone (PMS) spot color = PMS 1235C
For process color applications (C=cyan, M=magenta, Y=yellow and K=black):
CMYK = C0, M25, Y100, K0

For electronic applications (R-red, G=green, and B=blue):
RGB = R255, G188, B0

For web use
HTML notation for input into a text editor:
hexidecimal – FFbd00

For digital billboards
hexidecimal = flc830
CMYK = C0, M20, Y99, K0
RGB = R241, G200, B48

1-color Logo
Preferably should be printed in all black.
Can be printed in the ink color of the publication if being printing in only one color.

Reverse Logo (white)
Logo should only be reversed on a dark, uncluttered background.

For all other applications, such as merchandise, ask your printer/vendor to visually match the UWM Gold 1235C Pantone color.

Complementary Color Palette

The complementary palette of colors offers an extended range of possible combinations with UWM gold and black. The colors have been selected to harmonize with the UWM gold and are meant to be used as an accent, not a primary color.

UWM Complementary Color Pallete


Use of any accent color not included in the Complementary Color Palette is allowed only if the use meets the following criteria:

  • Accent color serves a definable purpose (e.g. highlights a specific word, headline, event title or phrase for emphasis).
  • Accent color does not overpower the official University colors.
  • Accent color must be used as a “supporting” color NOT as a main color.
  • Accent color is used to promote an event, art gallery show, or program that relies on a unique identity in its promotional materials to be successful in targeting a specific audience.
  • Accent colors are limited to 1-2 per project.

Exceptions to the above criteria must be reviewed and approved by the Brand Oversight Committee.