Brand Standards Guidelines

If you have questions about using the UWM identity, contact the UWM Brand Oversight Committee at

UWM Brand Standards Manual (pdf)
The UWM Brand Standards Manual contains guidelines for use of the UWM name and brand identity by schools, activities and individuals within UWM, and their use by individuals and institutions outside UWM, as authorized. Use of the UWM logos and marks, official color specifications, recommended typefaces, and stationery formats is included.

UWM Powerful Ideas. Proven Results. Tagline Guide (pdf)
Because the tagline is implemented across all media and on communications that span the university, it’s critically important that every stakeholder is familiar with the proper usage. This Guideline will ensure clarity, build recognition and strengthen our university.

Official UWM Branded Merchandise Logomarks (pdf)
The UWM Branded Merchandise Standards reflect the logos, typefaces and other specifications that are to be used by UWM University Relations, UWM Athletics, Auxiliary Services and retail outlets for branded merchandise. These standards contain the conditions under which the UWM logo and other official marks can be used and when exceptions can be made.

UWM Student Organization Branding Guidelines (pdf)
Guidelines for branding and logo use for student organizations at UWM.

UWM Social Media Guidelines (pdf)
The UWM Social Media Guidelines were created to assist UWM faculty, staff, schools, colleges, departments, programs and offices who are using or thinking about implementing social media on behalf of UWM. These guidelines and best practices have been developed to assist you as you venture into the social media world on behalf of UWM.

Branding Guidelines for Art Gallery Guides (pdf)