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Each fall, all BMS-Intended students receive a notification from the Program Advisor to attend the annual Application to Professional Major Information Session to discuss the next steps for applying to the BMS submajors (Medial Laboratory Sciences, Public Health Microbiology, Cytotechnology, and Biomedical Sciences).  This meeting is typically held in early November, and is intended for students that believe they meet all program requirements and plan on advancing to the professional majors the following Spring.  Students that are not currently BMS-Intended but wish to change their major and apply to the program should contact the BMS Program Advisor for guidance (

During this session, the Program Director will give a general overview of each submajor, and will discuss the paperwork that must be submitted in order to complete the application, which includes a general application form, essential functions form, honor code, academic misconduct statement, and an autobiographical statement.  A list of current applicants is compiled during the information session, and students that intend to advance will be added to a Canvas course site that contains all materials needed to apply.  Applications are typically due in early December, and are evaluated once all grades for the current fall semester are finalized.  Letters of acceptance/denial to the program are typically forwarded to students in early January, prior to the start of the Spring semester.  Students that plan to apply to the professional majors but are unable to attend the information session should contact the Program Director ( to request access to the application site.

The general marker indicating that students are ready to apply to the professional majors is enrollment in BMS 427/428 Clinical Immunology during Year 3 Semester 1 of the Plan of Study.  Students that have questions about eligibility or program requirements can contact the Program Advisor ( or Program Director ( for more information.