MLS Clinical Rotations

MLS Clinical Tour Information and Sign-Up Forms – Use this link to sign up for in-person tours.

MLS Clinical Site Interview Sign-Up Forms – Use this link to sign up for clinical site interview.

Interview Lists for Clinical Sites – This link contains password protected pages intended for use by MLS Clinical sites.

MLS Clinical Site Preference Form (For Students) – Students can use this link to submit their clinical site rankings regarding where they would prefer to complete their rotations.

Preparing For Your Clinical Rotations – This page contains information regarding onboarding requirements for Medical Laboratory Sciences and Public Heath Microbiology students that will be completing a clinical rotation.

BMS CastleBranch Page – This page contains instructions on how to sign up for a CastleBranch account and upload documents.  This information is used in conjunction with the Preparing For Your Clinical Rotations page.

Clinical Placements – Class of 2022 – This page contains clinical placements for students in the Medical Laboratory Sciences submajor.

Clinical On-Boarding Instructions – This page contains on-boarding instructions for each individual site/organization.