International Society of Biometeorology

Phenology 2021


Phenology 2021, Avignon France: Phenology at the crossroads

Organizers: Dr. Iñaki Garcia of Cortazar-Atauri (INRA US1116 AGROCLIM – Avignon, France) and Dr. Isabelle Chuine (CEFE-CNRS – Montpellier, France)

Climate change is modifying the phenological cycle of many species, directly affecting agroecosystem functioning, species distributions and biosphere’s feedback to the atmosphere. Phenology has become an important subject for many societal and economic issues. Therefore, the community working on phenology greatly enlarged during the past 20 years, integrating other actors than scientists thanks to participatory research action programs. Phenology also gained interest from an increasing range of scientific disciplines (functional and evolutionary ecology, physiology, agronomy, genetics, climatology, remote sensing, aerobiology…). For these reasons, we want to emphasize during this conference the fact that phenology is now at the crossroads of many different disciplines and actors, all working together in the same direction:adapting to climate change.

Session themes

1.      Phenological communities and networks

2.      Phenological data : standards and protocols for collecting, processing and sharing

3.      Phenology as a bio-indicator of climate change

4.      Ecophysiological and genetics determinism of phenology

5.      Impacts of phenology on organisms ecophysiology and life history traits

6.      Remote sensing and alternative technics to monitor phenology

7.      Phenology modelling

8.      Impacts of phenological match and mismatch

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