Major in Biological Sciences

As a biology student at UWM, you will receive a strong foundation in all areas of biology and the natural sciences to prepare you for a career or graduate school. To earn the major, students take required courses and engage in laboratory research in cell biology, genetics, and ecology. After the core courses, students fill their schedule with upper-level electives such as Immunology, Marine Biology, Animal Physiology, Plant Physiology, and many more choices.

Following the successful completion of Bio Sci 150, you can declare a major. You will choose a faculty advisor in the Department who will help guide you in your course selection and planning for a career after college. The Department offers open advising days for students to meet with faculty, choose an advisor, and get advice on courses and academic plans.


Cell and Molecular Biology Option

Students with a Biological Sciences major can choose to enroll in the Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) option. This is a popular option for students planning to go on to medical school, pharmacy school, veterinary school, or dental school.

Honors in the Major

Students in biological sciences who meet all of the following criteria are awarded honors in the major upon graduation:

  1. A 3.5 cumulative GPA in all UWM graded credits;
  2. A 3.75 GPA in UWM courses counting toward the biological sciences major; and
  3. The completion of laboratory or field research independent study (Bio Sci 697, 698, or 699) or internship (Bio Sci 489 or Env St 489).

Students who believe they may qualify for honors in Biological Sciences should apply to the Department during their last semester of study.