Paul Engevold Gives Intensive English Program (IEP) Students Annual Greenhouse Tour

In December, Paul Engevold hosted Valerie Chamberlain, Senior Lecturer for the UWM English Language Academy, and a group of IEP (Intensive English Program) students for a tour of the greenhouse.

According to Valerie, “The Intensive English Program (IEP) at UWM strives to prepare international students for university study in English by assisting students to improve English proficiency, to interact with English speakers in everyday and professional situations, and to gain an awareness of the culture of American university life.

We are fortunate at UWM to be able to take advantage of many interesting campus resources that help our students reach their goals. One of the resources that we get the best feedback on from our students is the UWM Greenhouse. Since 2014, Greenhouse Manager, Paul Engevold, has been giving IEP students tours of the Greenhouse that fascinate, stimulate, and delight our students with his highly interactive teaching style. Students enjoy the personal connection Paul brings by taking the time to point out plants from their home countries and by inviting students to touch and smell some of the plants. In addition to learning about plants, IEP students learn new vocabulary, and very importantly, learn about some of the important research done at UWM. We in the IEP treasure the UWM Greenhouse! Many thanks, Paul!”