Amazing, super friendly and knowledgeable staff.

The team of audiologists worked diligently to restore the clear, crisp sounds I once heard. They evaluated my hearing and lifestyle, then considered several high quality aid manufacturers and helped me choose the best device for my occupation and lifestyle. Trust is key for me, I know based on my experience with them that if a device problem arises they immediately respond and get the issue handled. I also appreciate their ongoing academic connection to UWM College of Health Sciences. Having access to the latest in audiology science is important to me.

Tricia is always prompt and pleasant. I look forward to my visits with her. Today, she helped me solve a problem with my hearing aids. It’s also good to see young students observing in Tricia’s office. Tricia made sure to explain what was going on and showed Alyssa (student) each step of the process. The receptionists upstairs as well as downstairs were also very friendly.

The audiologist I worked with at UW-Milwaukee Audiology Group was very professional. They all teach at UWM and are very knowledgable. Additionally, they are a not for profit and are not on commission, so they really have your best interest in mind. The hearing aids have changed my life for the better!!