UW-Milwaukee Audiology Group offers everything you need to make sure your hearing aids are performing their best.  We will repair any hearing aid make and model.  Even if you did not purchase your hearing aids at UW-Milwaukee Audiology Group, we can evaluate the hearing aid to determine if it is working properly, repair it as needed, and ensure that it is providing the appropriate amount of amplification for your hearing loss.

While it is ideal for you to be present when we evaluate the function of your hearing aid, we know that busy lifestyles can make that difficult and you still need to hear your best right away. Therefore, UW-Milwaukee Audiology Group offers a hearing aid drop-off service where you can drop off your hearing aid at our front desk and we will contact you with a diagnosis within 2 business days.

Minor repairs will be conducted in-house.  Major repairs will require that the hearing aid be sent to the manufacturer.

While your hearing aid is being repaired, loaner hearing aids are available for patients who purchased hearing aids from UW-Milwaukee Audiology Group.

Hearing Aid Repair Services

  • Loss and damage insurance included on all instruments
  • Follow-up visits to fine tune instrument to ensure maximum benefit
  • Routine maintenance and cleaning of hearing aids
  • Loaner hearing instruments

Additional Services

  • Hearing aid cleaning services for hearing aids of all makes and models
  • Seminars for groups and organizations
  • Rehabilitation services for hearing loss
  • Cerumen management (earwax removal)
  • Hearing loss adjustment counseling
  • Auditory training using the Listening and Communication Enhancement (LACE) program