UWM at the 102nd AMS Annual Meeting

102nd AMS Annual Meeting

Though the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately forced the 102nd AMS Annual Meeting, originally scheduled to be held in Houston, TX from January 22-27, 2022, to an all-virtual meeting, we nevertheless have many faculty and students presenting at this year’s meeting!

Eight of our students are presenting on their research during this year’s meeting! (Note: please refresh the page if any of the links below initially come up as “Not Found.”)

Among the faculty, Prof. Sergey Kravtsov will present “A Moist Quasigeostrophic Coupled Model: MQ-GCM2.0” (Wednesday 1/25, 5p CT), with Ph.D. student Ilijana Mastilovic as second author.

Finally, Ph.D. student Andrew Westgate will be helping to lead a Town Hall session on the Climate Consensus (Wednesday 1/26, 12:15p CT). The Climate Consensus is a network of concerned students, faculty, and staff from various institutions, including UWM, who seek to inspire the next generation of scientists to speak up for truth and our future. Their goal is to close the consensus gap between experts and non-experts on human-caused climate change. Andrew and Prof. Clark Evans, UWM’s Climate Consensus faculty representative, are co-authors on a poster about the Climate Consensus, Creating a Multi-Institution Outreach Network to Improve Climate Literacy (Tuesday 1/25, 5p CT).

We hope to see you on the virtual platform during the conference!