Transfer Student Information

While we strongly encourage you to start at UWM from day one, everything you need to know to successfully transfer to our program is here!

Course Study at your Current Institution

At your current institution, we recommend emphasizing the completion of as many prerequisite courses in Math, Physics, and Chemistry as possible. Note that your current institution might have slightly different course numbers or descriptions for the prerequisite courses from those offered here at UWM. This is okay! If you are transferring within the UW System, you can use the UW System Credit Transfer Wizards to see how your courses will transfer to UWM. If you are transferring from another institution, you can use UWM’s Transfer Equivalency Database to see how your courses will transfer to UWM.  Alternatively, you may contact the Atmospheric Science Program Chair for an unofficial transfer credit evaluation.

When to Transfer to UWM

We recommend that students seeking to major in Atmospheric Sciences transfer to UWM as soon as possible after having completed Math 231 and Physics 209 and 214 or their equivalents. These two courses serve as prerequisites for the gateway course to our major, Atm Sci 240 (Introduction to Meteorology). Atm Sci 240 is offered every spring and must be completed before taking the required core courses for our major, which themselves require two additional years of study to complete. Thus, presuming that all prerequisites for entering into Atm Sci 240 have been met, a student must transfer to UWM by the start of the spring semester of their sophomore year to graduate in four years.

Ready to Get Involved?

Join our community of like-minded students and get involved with one or both of our student-led organizations, the Atmospheric Sciences Club and The Climate Consensus! You can also get involved with a professional club that meets at UWM, the Greater Milwaukee Chapter of the American Meteorological Society. During the fall and spring semesters, our Innovative Weather program holds a pre-internship program to introduce students to its operations. You may also be interested in the world’s first faculty-led Atmospheric Science Study-Abroad Program through which we travel to Mexico to explore the effects of acid rain on Mexico’s historical sites. You can even become involved with faculty-led undergraduate research as early as your first semester on campus!


If you’d like more information or have questions about transferring to our program, please contact the Atmospheric Science Program Chair. If you are local to Milwaukee, we’d be happy to arrange a visit to our campus and program.