Atmospheric Science Major

No matter whether you are interested in weather or climate, the Atmospheric Science major provides you with a solid foundation in weather and climate fundamentals to prepare you for a private- or public-sector career, or for graduate study. Our major fulfills the United States government’s requirements to be employed by the National Weather Service or another federal agency as a meteorologist!

To clarify any requirements, please contact the Atmospheric Science Program Chair. Currently enrolled students are also encouraged to contact their academic advisor.

Honors in the Major

Students in Atmospheric Sciences who meet all of the following criteria can be awarded honors in the major upon graduation:

  1. A 3.000 cumulative GPA in all UWM graded credits;
  2. A 3.500 GPA over all UWM courses counting toward the Atmospheric Sciences major;
  3. A 3.500 GPA over all upper division UWM courses counting toward the Atmospheric Sciences major; and
  4. Successful completion of at least two semesters of research and/or internship experiences. These experiences can include one or more of the capstone experience (Atm Sci 599), a directed independent study for credit (Atm Sci 699), an internship for credit (Atm Sci 695), the Atmospheric Sciences Study Abroad course (Atm Sci 297/497), undergraduate research for compensation, and serving as a staff meteorologist for the Innovative Weather program.

No formal application for Honors in the Major is necessary. The College of Letters and Science will automatically check to see if you meet these requirements when clearing you for graduation.

Beyond the Major

Atmospheric science professionals work extensively with data. While our major offers several electives that emphasize data analysis, students interested in broadening their job prospects may wish to combine their Atmospheric Science major with added coursework, a minor, or a double-major in computer programming or data science. If you are interested in weather forecasting, broadcasting, or emergency management, you may also wish to consider extra coursework in geographic information studies (GIS) and communication. Students interested in opportunities beyond the major are encouraged to meet with the Atmospheric Science Program Chair to help tailor their studies accordingly.