New Freshman Information

Welcome to the Panther family! We’re excited that you’ll be attending UWM and becoming part of the Atmospheric Science major. On this page, you’ll find some helpful information for getting off on the right foot before you even set foot on campus!

Placement Tests

You’ve committed to UWM – congratulations! If you did not submit your ACT or SAT scores to UWM, or if you want to try to place into a higher English or Math level than your ACT or SAT scores would indicate, one of the first things you need to do is sign up for and complete the English and/or Math Placement Tests. These tests determine the courses in each of these subject areas for which you will be able to register at New Student Orientation. The Math placement test is particularly important for the Atmospheric Science major; if you can achieve Math Placement Level 30 or higher, you’ll be on track to enter straight into our Four-Year Plan. If not, not to worry – please contact us and we’ll design a custom plan for you!

New Student Orientation

After you’re completed your placement tests and paid your New Freshman Fee, you’ll be able to register for New Student Orientation. During New Student Orientation, you’ll learn more about academic and social life on campus. Before departing, you’ll register for your first semester’s class schedule! Our major’s Four-Year Plan provides our recommendations for the courses you’ll want to take during your first semester. In general, you’ll want to register for your first Math class, Chemistry 100 or 102, English 101, Atm Sci 100, and a foreign language course (if necessary) or a general education requirement course. We’re also happy to meet with you to discuss your first semester’s schedule; please contact the Atmospheric Science Program Chair to schedule an appointment.

Get Involved!

From the moment you move in to the dorms in late August, you’re at home here at UWM! The best way to set yourself up for lasting success is to get involved, and we’ve got several ways in which you can do so once you’ve arrived on campus. We have two student-led clubs, the Atmospheric Science Club and brand-new The Climate Consensus, and each will hold their first meeting shortly after the semester begins. We also have a professional club that meets on campus, the Greater Milwaukee Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, which typically meets early in the semester as well. You’re welcome to attend any or all of these meetings! Our Innovative Weather program also typically holds a pre-internship over the course of several weeks from September to October that’s open to all interested students, including new freshmen. You can even become involved with faculty-led undergraduate research as early as your first semester on campus! Plus, there are many more clubs and organizations available across campus.


If you’d like more information or have questions about getting started, please contact the Atmospheric Science Program Chair. If you’re in the Milwaukee area, whether for New Student Orientation or otherwise, we’d be happy to arrange a visit to our campus and program.