Declare Your Major

When to Declare

  • UWM recommends the major be declared before a student earns 75 credits.
  • Our program requires that students wait until successfully completing Atm Sci 240 (Intro to Meteorology) to formally declare their major. For most students, this occurs in the spring semester of their sophomore year. If you haven’t yet completed Atm Sci 240 but would like to declare your intent to major in Atmospheric Science, please fill out and submit this form from the College of Letters and Science.
  • Even if you do not yet meet the requirements to formally declare the major, we encourage you to make an advising appointment with one of our faculty soi that we can help you prepare for the major. To do so, please contact the Program Chair

Process to Declare the Major

  • The first step to declare a major in Atmospheric Science is to fill out and submit the
    Declare your Major Form »
  • After submitting your request to declare a major, you must request an appointment with the Atmospheric Science Program Chair.
  • At that appointment, the Program Chair will be able to answer your preliminary questions about the major and help make sure you understand the degree requirements, course offering patterns, and career outlook.