Student Research Highlights

Graduate Student Research Highlight: Justin Weber, MS 2015

Justin Weber

Cloud and Turbulence Parameterization

A major source of uncertainty in future climate projections is the effect of clouds. This is because clouds generally occur on scales smaller than the resolution of a climate model. A climate model breaks up, or discretizes, the earth into a collection of grid cells. In the simplest case, a point at the center of each grid cell defines the properties of temperature, moisture, and wind for the entire grid cell. Continue Reading

Graduate Student Research Highlight: Dawn Kopacz, PhD 2015

Dawn Kopacz

Predictability of Sea Ice Near Rapid Transitions

We have all likely experienced a quick change in the weather in a given week, or even in a single day, but many think of Earth’s climate as relatively stable. Yet there is evidence in Earth’s history of the climate changing very rapidly, on the timescales of seasons to years, often with little to no warning. These abrupt shifts in the climate are concerning because they may happen faster than we as a society are able to adapt. Continue Reading